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Angus EPD Update

Download the spreadsheet below to sort our Angus line-up based off of the most recent EPDs.

10-11-19 ORIgen AN EPD Update

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HA Cowboy Up 5405 is the #1 sire for Angus registrations

HA Cowboy Up 5405 tops the list of this years Angus Top 25 Sires for Registration. According to the American Angus Association, Cowboy Up had 4,933 progeny recorded. He lead the way with  1,887 more progeny than the bull following in second. Cowboy Up was raised by Hinman Angus of Malta, Montana and portions of the bull were purchased when he sold as a yearling by Wilks Ranch and Express Ranches.

In addition to Cowboy Up, ORIgen has five more sires that made the list. To view the complete list of the Top 25 Sires click on the link below.

Top 25 Angus Sires

The announcement was made on October 1, 2019 by the American Angus Association. The list is based off of the registrations of the American Angus Association’s 2019 fiscal year.

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9.27.19 Angus EPD Update

Sort the Angus EPDs to pick the right bull for your herd for your fall breeding! Just click on the link below to download the spreadsheet.

9-27-19 ORIgen AN EPD Update

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9.13.19 Angus EPD Update

Click below to download the spreadsheet to sort the current Angus bulls EPDs.

Copy of 9-6-19 ORIgen AN update

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An Industry Legend – ORIgen celebrates the life of Hoover Dam

On July 22, 2019, at 11 years old, after more than 10 years of residence at ORIgen, the ownership of Hoover Dam made the decision to bring a great and productive life to a dignified conclusion worthy of the legend that he was.

Born on January 25, 2008 as the third calf from a Hoover foundation female that would go on to qualify as a Pathfinder Dam, this top-selling bull of the 2009 Hoover Angus sale arrived at ORIgen on February 10, 2009, two weeks after his first birthday.

From his first collection of 105 units that passed ORIgen Quality Control standards at 14 months of age on April 13, 2009 through his largest one-day collection of 846 units as a four-year-old on April 4, 2012, Hoover Dam was a consistent collector. His final successful collection was on June 12, 2019 of 213 units. There were 901 collection days that produced semen approved for sale that resulted in 238,813 units for an average of 265 units per collection.

As of his passing on July 22, 2019, ORIgen records show 233,396 units of that semen that were sold or used by owners of the bull for a gross sale total of $4,514,565 with 15,406 A.I. certificates sold to register progeny of Hoover Dam in the American Angus Association herd book. Sold at $40 each, they generated another $616,450 in gross sales to push his total of semen and certificate sales to $5,131,015. Hoover Dam was the ORIgen semen sales leader in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017, and although there are no official public records with which to compare, Hoover Dam is one of the top bulls to reach that sales total.

Sons of Hoover Dam can be found in many seedstock programs across the country and he is an icon known for his high level of reliability. In the 2019 American Angus Association Pathfinder Report, there are 85 daughters of Hoover Dam that are active Pathfinder Dams, nearly five percent of the daughters that have enough age to be eligible. Some of the most exciting sires in the Angus breed are being produced by Hoover Dam daughters, and they include the yearling bull that records what is believed to be the highest $Combined value index among non-parent Angus bulls and the dams of the current ORIgen sires Bakers Northside 6007 and Raven Powerball 53. The bull with the highest RE EPD in the ORIgen marketing system is sired by a son of the Hoover Dam as is the $580,000 record-seller from the Baldridge Brothers program.

As of his passing, Hoover Dam has 15,821 Angus progeny with AHIR weaning records. There are 7,279 progeny with ultrasound scan records, and 4,719 daughters with 11,217 AHIR progeny records. Hoover Dam has 3,642 progeny with genomic test records in the American Angus Association database. As of this writing, Hoover Dam has more than 500 progeny included in the IGS National Cattle Evaluation, and in the Angus Australia Breedplan database, Hoover Dam has 639 progeny analyzed in 70 different herds with 224 head scanned and 73 progeny genomic tested. Over the course of his lifetime, 2,618 units of Hoover Dam semen have been exported to Australia and New Zealand with additional semen sold into Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Russia.

Hoover Dam has set and broken production and sales records at ORIgen and he truly epitomizes the “Breeder to Breeder Genetic Services” concept that is the foundation upon which the success of ORIgen has been built.


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5.31.19 – New Angus EPD Update

Last Friday, May 31, 2019 the American Angus Association released added new EPDs and Indexes. The new EPDs are for feet selection, Claw and Angle. The new Indexes are $M and $C with an updated version of $B.

Download the spreadsheets below to see how ORIgen bulls rank with the new data.

5-31-19 ORIgen AN sires

5-31-19 Main Summary

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ORIgen Bull Cane Codes

Do you ever look into your semen tank and forget what bull belongs to that cane code? Well, now you can download the spreadsheet below that has a list of ORIgen bulls and their respective cane codes so are never confused again.

ORIgen Bull Cane Codes

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NEW Semen Tank Inventory Book

To keep track of what you have in your tank once you buy semen, take a look at our new Semen Tank Inventory book. We have created the inventory book to be not only a place to keep track of your bull semen inventory but to also be a resource for you. We have included things like a gestation table, instructions for tank care and a place to record your nitrogen fill-ups. There are also instructions on how to handle semen when you’re thawing it. There are also 13 pages for you to keep track of 65 canes.

Click here to order your Semen Tank Inventory book!

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EPD Updates

Sort the ORIgen Angus and Simmental bulls by their current EPDs, accuracies, and percentile rankings.
Click the links below to download the spreadsheets.

4-5-19 ORIgen AN update
4-5-19 ASA

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Bulls currently at ORIgen

Click the link below to see what bulls we currently have at stud. We have some of the hottest bulls in the industry ranging all the way from the household names of SydGen Enhance and BUBS Southern Charm to this spring’s freshman class of top selling bulls. Be sure to stop by ORIgen to take a look at these bulls. Tours available Monday through Friday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. MDT.


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