About ORIgen

Uniting bull owners worldwide, the Breeder to Breeder concept builds bridges between bull breeders and the genetic marketplace. ORIgen founders have built and designed a service system model that gives bull owners the ability to collect and market their genetics through a system that is designed for their best interests and returns. There is no other model like this in the industry. ORIgen strives to provide the most bio-secure and healthy environment for each individual bull in order to collect, market, and sell some of the best bovine genetics in the beef industry. We give maximum control and returns to the beef production sector to create value and opportunity for each cattle operation. Our marketing model generates demand for all lines of genetics, guarantees bull owners a minimum of 50% return on semen sales and provides seedstock and commercial beef producers the power to inject the best genetics into their cattle herds.

Come visit ORIgen and view the bulls. You can expect to see many of the industries top sellers from the best bull sales across the United States. Bulls come to ORIgen from all states coast to coast as ORIgen is the place to stand your bull among the "who's who" line up that buyers come to see.

The ORIgen vision was created by some of the beef industry's most progressive seedstock producers. Basin Angus Ranch, Express Ranches, Stevenson Genetics, Summitcrest Performance Angus, Sydenstricker Genetics, and Three Trees Ranch have moved the ORIgen concept forward in an ever competitive and changing beef cattle world making it one of the most innovative and independent bull studs in the nation. ORIgen was built on the belief that sustainable independence is important in order for the bull breeders and beef producers to achieve long-term success. This is the ORIgen Model.