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ORIgen is the first bull stud to put bull owners in the driver seat of their own bulls destiny through an international and national beef genetics marketing program. This flexible program gives the bull breeders three semen selling options in which the minimum return to the bull ownership is at least 50% of the sales price a bull owner sets themselves. All options can be exercised at the same time or only one at a time, based on the preference of the owner or the customer.

The Breeder To Breeder concept was built on the vision of building a bridge between bull owners and the marketplace to give bull owners ultimate access to the market and unlimited networking opportunities for their genetics among other breeders. This service literally allows bull owners a connection to the beef industry in which they can have a higher percentage of return, access to the largest semen sales network in the business while retaining control of the bulls marketing path. This service is called the ORIgen ADVANTAGE.

Bull Owner Sells Semen

Semen sales, customer A/R, and account management is the bull owners responsibility, ORIgen coordinates the shipping and distribution. Bull Owner receives 100% Return

Bull Owner Sells Semen through ORIgen Sales Account Management

Semen sales are the bull owners focus and ORIgen takes care of everything else! Bull owner calls in semen sales and ORIgen manages Accounts Receivable, bull partnership accounting and shipping. Bull Owner receives 75% Return

ORIgen Sales Network Sells Semen (ORIgen, Independent Distributors/Agents, ABS Global, Inc)

This Network represents the largest Semen Sales Network known in the industry today. It was from the vision of the ORIgen founders to unite and coordinate the best semen sales systems on behalf and in the best interests of bull owners. ORIgen provides a support system that takes care of the sale, accounts receivable, partner payment distribution, and product shipment! Bull Owner receives at least 50% Return

Bull Promotion

The ORIgen Marketing Program gives bull owners the opportunity to promote and market their beef genetics through channels of online and advertising material, e-commerce semen sales, direct semen sales, and on-site bull tours. Our tours are assisted by ORIgen employees who guide potential customers through the facility and answer questions about the bull. This bull exposure gives visitors the chance to get a personal viewing, in-sight and readily available data of each animal.

The ORIgen Semen Directory is published a minimum of once per year and distributed to approximately 17,000 potential customers, independent sales agents, ABS Global Sales Representatives, and ORIgen contacts. In addition to direct marketing material, online business and personal tours, ORIgen staff members attend many industry livestock events and trade shows in which they represent the bull owners and promote the ORIgen Bull Offering. The display is seen by thousands of visitors and potential semen customers in which sales material is handed out and ORIgen has the opportunity to visit about your bulls genetics, performance, and progeny. Main domestic events would include but not limited to NAILE, NWSS, NILE, Range Beef Cow Symposium, Reproductive Strategies, State breed tours, etc. Recent and/or upcoming international events would be in Russia, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina.