LMR Katsuru 4278B 

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LMR Katsuru 4278B
Sire: World Ks Kitaguni Jr
Reg. #: FB18232
Tattoo: 4278B
Birth Date: May 2014
Cane Code:

Conventional semen ONLY packaged in ½ cc straws

LMR Katsuru 4278B is an example of outstanding genetics like LMR Yasumasa 2428Z but the combination in reverse – Kitaguni Jr x Yasufuku Jr vs Yasufuku Jr x Kitaguni Jr.

This is an illustration of a perfect mating “nick” that Lone Mountain discovered while visiting Japan – a combination of the abundance of marbling from Kitaguni 7/8, the fineness of marbling from Yasufuku Jr, culminating with the ribeye power of Sanjirou.

Katsuru 4278B was sired by WKS Kitaguni Jr, a son of Kitaguni 7/8.

Kenichi Ono opines that Kitaguni 7/8 was one of the three greatest Wagyu in all of Japan and considers Yasufuku Jr’s sire, Yasufuku J930, to be the very best of Tajima breeding.

Kitaguni 7/8 is a significant Fujiyoshi/Shimane/Itozakura sire and perhaps the most famous son of Dai 7 Itozakura J65.

Born February 5, 1984 in Shimane Prefecture. as his name suggests, Kitaguni 7/8 was the 8th calf of its dam, Kitaguni 7 – who was considered by Ono-san to be “the finest of all Kedaka cows”.

Katsuru 4278B shows WKS Yasufuku Jr as his dam sire. WKS Yasufuku Jr is a linebred bull, like his sire Yasufuku J930, and traces three times to Yasumi Doi J10328 and his dam’s sire by Yasumi Doi, is Monjiro 11550.

Yasufuku Jr is 100% Tajima, as was Yasufuku J930 and he was born September 2, 1997 in Tottori Prefecture, Japan and was the last bull (calf) exported by Mannett to the US in 1997.

Katsuru 4278B shows as his maternal grandsire WKS Sanjirou, sired by WKS Michifuku and out of prominent Japanese cow WKS Suzutani, whose sire was Tanishige J1526 whose progeny test results were stunning: BMS +3.1, well above the Japanese average of +2.1.

Suzutani’s dam, Suzunami, was sired by Shigeshigenami J10632 who is known for producing some of the best genetics in Japan.

The three primary sires in Katsuru’s pedigree – WKS Kitaguni Jr, WKS Yasufuku Jr, and WKS Sanjirou – dominate the 2017 LMCC Sire Performance Study, occupying the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positions on Sire and Dam Sire rankings on all 4 categories: IMF; Marble Fineness; REA; and USDA Grading.

Quite a trio of outstanding sires according to LMCC research, based on objective carcass data.

The image shown is a full sib to Katsuru 4278B (4293B – 40.39% IMF) and three other full siblings were harvested and resulted in finely marbled carcasses: 4298B @ 35.78%; 4265B @ 38.27%; and 4259B @ 31.55% IMF.

Although still not in his prime, 4278B promises to be a breakout marbling success and he is also promising as a heifer bull with his Birth Weight EBV ranking him among the top of the Wagyu herd outside Japan according to BREEDPLAN.

TESTED FREE by parentage of all known Wagyu genetic defects.


Tenderness 6

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM