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LMR Ichiban 810T 

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LMR Ichiban 810T

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Sire: World K’s Michifuku
Reg. #: FB1615
Tattoo: 810T
Birth Date: Nov 2007
Cane Code:

Conventional semen ONLY packaged in ½ cc straws

LMR Ichiban 810T, a full brother of LMR Kenichi 807T, and a half sibling to both LMR Kazuki 770T and LMR Ms Sanjirou 767T was sired by WKS Michifuku.

WKS Michifuku was sired by Monjiro 11550, listed by Kenichi Ono as Number 7 on his list of the top 15 most outstanding Wagyu of Japan.

Monjiro, sired by Yasumi Doi J10328 was born March 15, 1981 in Hyogo Prefecture and was the 11th calf by his dam, Harumi.

Michifuku’s dam Michiko J655635 was sired by Tanishige 1526, grandsired by Yasutani Doi J472 and great-grandsired by Yasumi Doi J10328. Yasumi Doi J10328 also grandsired Yasufuku J930, and appears twice in Michifuku’s pedigree.

Yasumi Doi J10328 and Yasutani Doi J472 are considered to be two of the most famous of the Tajima/Tajiri line and this lineage supports Michifuku’s high regard.

810T’s dam, WKS Nakazakura, was born in Japan in 1994 and she was the daughter of WKS Nakagishi 5 and both were imported to the US by Mannett that same year although Nakazakura’s sire Itomichi J1158 was left behind in the Mother Country.

Nakazakura’s pedigree is worth a deeper look as her sire Itomichi J1158 also sired Itomichi 1-2 and was a very influential sire in Takeda-san’s herd as the patriarch of a line of cows that produced Itoshigefuji TF147, Itohana 2, Mitsuhikokura TF149 and many others.

Nakazakura’s paternal grandsire was Dai 7 Itozakura, a sire so famous that a phone card bearing his likeness was produced in Japan and his genetics are widely represented in the West by the progeny of his sons Itofuji J483, sire of Itoshigefuji TF147, Kitaguni 7/8, sire of WKS Kitaguni Jr, Itohana J809 sire of  TF Itohana 2 and TF Kikuhana, and Itokitazuru J1081 sire of Itozuru-Doi TF151.

Nakagishi 5, Nakazakura’s dam, was sired by Kenryu J1905 of the Dai 2 Kedaka line from Shimane Prefecture and classified Kurogen.

LMR Ichiban 810T’s half sibling LMR Ms Sanjirou 767T gives an indication of the marbling ability in the genetic line as her steer calf LMR Yasufuku 1257Y whose rib eye is prictured was 39.84% IMF.

LMR Ichiban 810T’s untimely death in 2010 prevented him from witnessing the success his offspring would bring to the Lone Mountain battery, but they are fortunate to have collected him and now are able to offer a limited supply of semen.

TESTED FREE for all known Wagyu genetic defects.


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Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM