WKS-LMR Michifuku 3500A 

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WKS-LMR Michifuku 3500A

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Sire: World K’s Michifuku
Reg. #: FB17483
Tattoo: 3500A
Birth Date: Jul 2013
Cane Code: 54KB136

Conventional semen ONLY packaged in ½ cc straws

TESTED FREE by parentage of all known Wagyu genetic defects

SCD AA, Igenity Tenderness 3

Ultra-elite and a trait leader for Eye Muscle Area EBV in the Australian system and elite for Retail Yield EBV, Birth Weight EBV and Self Replacing Index this powerful carcass sire is superior for Waygu Breeder Index, Fullblood Terminal Index and F1 Terminal Index and well above breed average for Marble Score EBV and Marble Fineness EBV which is often unusual is sires of added muscle.

The sire of the dam of 3500A is Shigeshigenami J10632, the sire of the famous Itoshigenami TF148 and Suzunami, WKS Suzutani’s dam, the renowned dam of both WKS Sanjirou and WKS Shigeshigetani.

Tajima breeding consists of three lines -  Kumanami, Naka-Doi and Oku-Doi and Shigeshigenami born in 1972, is the reason the Kumanami line is on that elite list and a year after Hyogo Prefecture purchased him, Shigeshigenami sold to Yodomi-san, who entered him in a Miyagi auction in June 1974 where he was sold to the perfecture for a then unbelievable price of 4.5 million yen,  and by the time of his death in 1980, almost 30% of all Wagyu calves in Miyagi Prefecture were sired by him and Shigeshigenami was ranked Number 4 by Kenichi Ono in his famous book Outstanding Wagyu of Japan who says "Shigeshigenami is famous throughout Japan for increasing the quality of Wagyu cattle in Miyagi Prefecture."

The dam of 3500A is a half sibling to WKS Nakayuki, the mother of WKS Kitaguni Jr and in the Wagyu breed maternal influence is always a key contributor to genetic progress.

The sire of WKS-LMR Michifuku 3500, WKS Michifuku is also the sire of WKS Sanjirou, and the paternal grandsire Monjiro J11550 who is one of the 15 most distinguished Wagyu of Japan, according to the famous author Kenichi Ono and his grandsire is the legendary Yasumi-Doi J10328.

The paternal grandsire Monjiro born in 1981 in Hyogo Prefecture and was the 11th calf from his dam Harumi J1086409 and as just a yearling, he won the number two spot at the Zenkyo All-Japan Wagyu Show and sold at auction for $160,000.

Tanishige J1526, the sire of the dam of both WKS Michifuku and WKS Suzutani, and his pedigree stacks the celebrated sires Yasutani-Doi J472, Yasumi-Doi J1032, Tanifuku-Doi J1606, the sire of Yasufuku J930, and the grandsire of Kimifuku 3.

All in all, 3500A is the result of a brilliant Tajima breeding and he is an example of carcass potential that one can expect from the pedigree of his paternal brother LMR Michifuku 4337B whose rib eye is pictured with 47.77% IMF.

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co

Golden, NM