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WKS-LMR Michitsugu 3489A 

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WKS-LMR Michitsugu 3489A

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Sire: WKS Michitsugu
Reg. #: FB17482
Tattoo: 3489A
Birth Date: Jul 2013
Cane Code: 54KB135

Conventional semen ONLY packaged in ½ cc straws


The On Hold status with US Wagyu Association simply means that calves cannot be registered with the US Wagyu Association. Calves CAN be registered with the Australian Wagyu Assocation.

WKS-LMR Michitsugu 3489A’s dam, World K’s Mitsut aka , is the only daughter of Mitsufuku J2748 outside Japan. Mitsufuku J2748, born in 1992, is the most famous progeny of his sire, Tanifuku-Doi J1606 - and one of the best of over 50 progeny produced by his dam, Mitsufuku 2 J509613 (a granddaughter of Tanifuku Doi), according to Kenichi Ono.

Tanifuku Doi was born on Mr. Nagase’s farm in Hyogo on March 8, 1985, sired by Yasutani Doi J472 and was the son of Kikutsuru J978542. Ono said, “Tanifukudoi’s high level of ability comes not only from his sire Yasutani Doi but also from his famous dam, Kikutsuru”. Tanifuku-Doi was the 16th and last calf of Kikutsuru and "the super star of Hyogo Prefecture whose offspring are the core of Japan’s Wagyu," writes Ono. In his indirect progeny tests completed in 1990, Tanifuku Doi scored a record BMS 3.2. Blackmore’s translation of Ono, “From his sire Yasutani Doi he has early maturation, weight gain, and a large rib eye area, while from his dam Kikutsuru he has good meat quality ability (meat color and marbling). He has inherited these qualities in good balance, the reason he is now the super star of Hyogo prefecture”.

The second round of exports of Wagyu to the US occurred in 1993, and in that group was WKS Michifuku, born August 4, 1992 and registered in Yamagata Prefecture. Michifuku, who is 100% Tajima, has been called the best carcass bull ever to leave Japan.

WKS Michifuku was sired by Monjiro 11550, listed by Kenichi Ono as #7 on his list of the top 15 most outstanding Wagyu of Japan.

Michifuku’s dam, Michiko J655635 was sired by Tanishige J1526 and grandsired by Yasutani-Doi J472 and great-grandsired by Yasumi Doi J10328. Yasumi Doi J10328 appears twice in Michifuku’s pedigree. Yasumi Doi J10328 and Yasutani Doi J472 are thought to be two of the most famous of the Tajima/Tajiri line.

While progeny of 3489A can be registered in the Australian Wagyu Association, as of this May 2017 printing, registration in the US Wagyu Association is “On Hold” (since August 2016).

TESTED FREE of all known Wagyu genetic defects.


Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co
Golden, NM