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LMR Toshiro 1-3 

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LMR TOSHIRO 1-3 (Tattoo 723T)

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Sire: TF Kikuhana
Reg. #: FB7475
Tattoo: C723T
Birth Date: Mar 2007
Cane Code: 259KB1016

Conventional semen ONLY packaged in ½ cc straws

LMR Toshiro 1-3 723T is a Trait Leader among all Wagyu Sires outside of Japan. With accuracy figures of 80%+, 723T’s ranks in the Top 1% of the breed for Carcass Weight EBV (+60) and, according to the October 2019 BREEDPLAN Report.

In addition, 723T is a Trait Leader, ranking in the Top 2% for 400-day Weight EBV (+38) and 600-day Weight EBV (+52) - and his excellent Milking EBV (+6) and REA (EMA) EBV (+4.0) ranks him in the Top 3% of the breed.

Testifying positively to this number, Lone Mountain has noted an average carcass weight of 988 lbs and ranks Toshiro as the #1 Sire (ahead of Itoshigefuji TF147) and #4 Sire for Ribeye Area (just behind WKS Shigeshigetani), in the 2019 LMCC Sire Performance Study.

723T’s dam, WKS Reiko, was among the first foundation animals brought into the US (in 1994) and was sired by Kitaguni 7/8 who was listed as the #3 Sire by Kenichi Ono in Elite Wagyu in Japan. Kitaguni 7/8 was the winner of the 2002 All-Japan Carcass Contest and is the sire of Kitaguni Jr.

Kitaguni 7/8’s presence on the maternal side of Toshiro’s pedigree accounts for much of his astounding marbling ability, as you can see from the carcass image (pictured), the uniformity of the marbling flecks and fineness throughout the ribeye area of one of his progeny, LMR Toshiro 9236W, with an outstanding 43.90% IMF.

His semen is qualified for US, most of Central and South America, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

TESTED FREE for all known Wagyu genetic defects.


Tenderness 6

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co
Golden, NM