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Codiak Uncle Freddy GNK 30G 

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Codiak Uncle Freddy GNK 30G

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Sire: Codia Putnam GNK 61Y
Reg. #: CAN 10890
Tattoo: GNK 30G
Birth Date: Apr 2019
BW: 87
WW: 675
Cane Code: 237SK0011

Homozygous Polled, Homozygous Black and a Non-Carrier of Myostatin

When he was selected by McMurry from the 2021 Summit3 Speckle Park Sale in Alberta, this exciting young sire had the top adjusted %IMF measure of the sale offering at 5.6% and an ultrasound rib eye area measure of 16.8 square inches in combination with an Igenity genomic score of 10 for Tenderness to rank as a young carcass superstar.

His DNA profile finds this young sire homozygous for C allele that is associated with tender beef for Calpain 316, Calpain 4751 and Calpastatin, an inhibitor of Calpain.

This free moving, sound individual with outstanding disposition had a birth weight of 87 pounds and an adjusted 205 day weight of 675 pounds and he is a powerful son of the highly valued global sire Codiak Putnam GNK 61Y from whom semen is longer available.

As he is homozygous black, calves sired by 30G from black cows will should be black with the added value of heterosis for longevity and stayability in addition to the added carcass value that is a Speckle Park staple.

Siring high quality long-lasting and productive replacement females may be his greatest value to the beef industry.

Owners Information:

McMurry Cattle

Billings, MT