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LMR Hirokazu 9439G 

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LMR Hirokazu 9439G

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Sire: Itoshigenami TF148
Reg. #: FB61028
Tattoo: 9439G
Birth Date: May 2019
Cane Code: 59KB70

Free of all known Wagyu Defects

LMR Hirokazu 9439G, sired by Itoshigenami TF148 out of a dam sired by Kitaguni Jr, ranks in the Top 1% of all Wagyu bulls outside of Japan for Marble Score EBV (+2.4) and Birthweight EBV (-3.8) and ranks in the Top 3% for Marble Fineness EBV (+0.39). 9439G is a full-sib to 9212G.

Itoshigenami TF148 is the sire of Mayura Itoshigenami Jnr 0139, the so-called “The King of Australian Wagyu Sires” and grandsire of Mayura L0010. TF148 is a Trait Leader and Top 5% for Birthweight EBV (-1.8) and is a Trait Leader and ranks in the Top 1% for Marble Score (+2.3).

WKS Kitaguni Jr, the #1 Dam Sire in the most recent Lone Mountain Sire Performance Study (SPS) for Marbling (84 carcasses = average 34.81% IMF). Kitaguni Jr shows decent numbers as a sire, averaging 34.28% IMF on 121 LMR imaged carcasses. In BREEDPLAN, Kitaguni Jr is one of the leading sires with a Marble Score EBV of +1.7 and is a Trait Leader and Top 1% for Birthweight EBV (-3.5).

9439G’s dam, LMR Ms Kitaguni 8168U, is one of Lone Mountain’s best donor cows, having produced 44 calves, including 2 Itoshigenami TF148 steers that graded 43% and 41% IMF and 2 herd sires. In addition, she has produced an astounding 275 viable embryos in 33 flushes (average = 8.33 viable embryos per flush). 8168U is a full sibling to LMR Kitaguni 1441Y. 8608U’s dam, BR Ms Yasufuku 0645, produced 22 calves, including a steer by Kitaguni Jr that graded 50% IMF – and 2 donor cows and 2 herd sires.

LMR Hirokazu 9439G displays 66% Tajima; 13% Itozakura; 3% Shimane; 2% Okayama; and 2% Tottori and Kedaka bloodlines.

LMR Hirokazu 9439G semen is qualified for US, most of Central and South America, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand.

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co

Golden, NM