LMR Hirokazu 9439G 

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LMR Hirokazu 9439G

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Sire: Itoshigenami TF148
Reg. #: FB61028
Tattoo: 9439G
Birth Date: May 2019
Cane Code: 59KB70

TESTED FREE of all known Waygu genetic defects

Ultra-elite in the Australian system for Birth Weight EBV to make him a superstar for breeding virgin heifers, this young sire is elite for Marble score EBV, Marble fineness EBV and F1 Terminal Index to make him a great choice for cross-breeding to produce exceptional end product, the young sire is also above breed average for Eye Muscle Area EBV.

Sired by Itoshigenami TF148, a long time trait leader for Birth Weight EBV and Marble Score EBV, out of a dam by Kitaguni Jr, who is also an Australian trait leader for Birth Weight EBV and Marble score EBV, this young sire with individual marbling excellence is a full brother to LMR Kazumi 9212G ET who is also available from ORIgen.

LMR Hirokazu 9439G ET is a paternal brother to Mayura Itoshigenami Jnr 0139, the so-called “The King of Australian Wagyu Sires” and the sire of Mayura L0010 who in turn is the sire of the feature ORIgen young sire LMR Mayura 0549H.

WKS Kitaguni Jr, the sire of the dam was the NUMBER 1 Dam Sire in the most recent Lone Mountain Sire Performance Study (SPS) for Marbling with 84 carcasses recording an average of 34.81% IMF and as a sire, he has an average of 34.28% IMF on 121 LMR imaged carcasses.

Produced by one of Lone Mountain’s best donor cows that has produced 44 calves, including 2 Itoshigenami TF148 steers that graded 43% and 41% IMF and two herd sire sons.

Fertility is a great strength of his donor dam who has produced an astounding 275 viable embryos in 33 flushes to average 8.33 viable embryos per flush and she is a full sister to the ORIgen sire LMR Kitaguni 1441Y.

The grandam, BR Ms Yasufuku 0645, has produced 22 calves, including a steer by Kitaguni Jr that graded 50% IMF and she has produced two donor daughters and 2 herd sire sons.

The pedigree of LMR Hirokazu 9439G displays 66% Tajima; 13% Itozakura; 3% Shimane; 2% Okayama; and 2% Tottori and Kedaka bloodlines.

LMR Hirokazu 9439G semen is qualified for US, most of Central and South America, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand.

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co

Golden, NM