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JC Rueshaw 76 

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JC Rueshaw 76

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Sire: Rueshaw
Reg. #: FB14990
Tattoo: JC 76
Birth Date: Dec 2012
Cane Code:

Conventional semen ONLY packaged in ½ cc straws

This powerful red bull offers an unprecedented opportunity for Wagyu breeders to establish a new fullblood line to expand the limited genetic base, as his sire’s genetics are extremely rare among fullbloods in North America.

Semen from the sire of JC Rueshaw 76 was so highly prized that five straws sold for a record $25,000 at the 2012 Wagyu sale and as the first to be registered in the United States, Rueshaw was the only Japanese National Champion to leave Japan.

Aside from this unique status, what gives this bloodline great potential is the fact that Rueshaw has no ancestors in common with any of the other imports, many whom are closely related.

The dam of JC Rueshaw 76 is a hefty daughter of Hikari, a mainstay of Heartbrand’s breeding program and her sire Hikari is a son of Dai 10 Mitsumaru, who was the best marbling red Wagyu in Japan and her pedigree also includes Judo, who is also very notable for high marbling.

JC Rueshaw 76 and his sire are also known for his bone quality and structure in addition to their exceptional marbling genetics.

Tested free of all genetic conditions


Owners Information:

Justin & Michael Boersma

Gladstone, ND


History of Red Wagyu (Akaushi)

In 1975, two Red Wagyu (Akaushi) sires, Rueshaw and Judo, were imported into the U.S. and a few additional red bulls and cows arrived in 1994.

Red Wagyu is highly prized for it’s finely textured abundant marbling and easy fleshing on grass.

Unlike the Black Wagyu strains which were typlically raised in confinement the Red Wagyu were developed on the grasslands of the Japanese Prefecture of Kumamoto making Red Wagyu perfect for improving carcass quality in a grass feeding operation.

By comparison to the Black Wagyu strain (Tajima), Red Wagyu are thicker, with higher weaning weights, shorter finishing times, and produce more milk in the females and their phenotype is more closely related to the western cattle breeds yet they can marble just as well as many of the Black Wagyu.


Red Wagyu genetics offer a valuable outcross possibility to the limited Black Wagyu gene pool and they produce the finest beef in the world and offer many advantages in a crossbreeding operation.