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FDK Black Diamond SELB 

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FDK Black Diamond SELB

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Sire: JO Bull Classic Smith 2008
Reg. #: HB009240
Tattoo: D005
Birth Date: Feb 2016
BW: 72
WW: 652
YW: 1,126
Cane Code: 59HB3
FS: n/a

Conventional semen ONLY packaged in ½ cc straws

A Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled “Gem of the Rockies” that is 93% purebred Black Hereford sire with an actual birth weight of 72 pounds with superior calving-ease genetics.

Mated to females that are 82% or higher will produce calves that can be registered as purebreds and mating to F1 females will produce calves that are 71.5% Black Hereford.

Commercial cattlemen can use Black Diamond to add a white face, plenty of chrome and a dominant black hide to everything but cows with the diluter gene of some continental breeds.

Put his homozygous black genomics to work and earn those black hide premiums for your calves.

In order to be recorded as a F1 female by the American Black Hereford Association, both parents must be registered by their respective breed association.

Recorded F1 females that are 50% Black Angus and 50% Hereford when mated to a 75% Black Hereford sire produce progeny that are eligible to be registered as 62.5% Black Hereford by the American Black Hereford Association with the percentage always expressed and required in % Hereford genetics.

Breeding recorded F1 females to a qualified Hereford sire may also be used to increase the % Hereford genetics which will produce 75% Hereford where black progeny can be registered by the American Black Hereford Association.

When a Black Hereford animal reaches 87.5% Hereford genetics, that animal will be registered as Purebred by the American Black Hereford Association.

The American Black Hereford Association needs recorded F1 females to start new cow families and bloodlines for breeding up to Purebred Black Hereford cattle.

Call the bull owner for prices on both male and female sexed semen.

Owners Information:

Flying Diamond K Ranch

Ft Collins CO