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MFC Kimitofuku 434B 

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MFC Kimitofuku 434B

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Sire: Itoshigenami
Reg. #: FB17785
Tattoo: MFC 434
Birth Date: Mar 2014
BW: 75
WW: 405
YW: 808
Cane Code: 59KB48

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Conventional semen ONLY packaged in ½ cc straws

The name Kimitofuku translates to English: Kimi = You, to = With, Fuku = Luck, as “Luck With You”

His sire, TF 813 Kimitofuku, was a very well-known fullblood sire owned by the Joseph Decuis Wagyu Program.

His grandsire, Itoshigenami, was according to David Blackmore, a renowned Wagyu producer in Australia, one the very best bulls ever exported from Japan with excellent conformation, medium frame size and represents 75% Tajima and 25% Itozakura genetics.

The dam is MFC MS Itoshigefuji 0-23 and she is sired by Itoshigefuji, a bull known to be larger frame size with exceptional Average Daily Gain and a pedigree that represents many of the original bloodlines that trace back more than 300 years.

There is exceptional power in the blood of this fullblood sire that combines both superior phenotype and superior genotype.

Michael Goodell of Muddy Flats Cattle Company, the breeder of Kimitofuku 434B and a decade and a half Wagyu breeder says it took a long time and 42 embryos to make this bull that combines genotype, phenotype, SCD AA genomic test results, calm disposition and free of any known Wagyu genetic disorders.

According to David Blackmore, a renowned Wagyu producer in Australia, the paternal grandsire of Kimitofuku 434B was one of the very best bulls ever exported from Japan offering 75% Tajima and 25% Itozakura genetics with excellent conformation and medium frame size.

New data has shown a 33.7 %IMF average on six carcasses.

Tested free for all known Wagyu genetic defects.


Tenderness 4

Owners Information:

Mountain View Wagyu
Estancia, NM