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3F Epic Does it Again!

Sons of the ORIgen young sire 3F Epic continued their top-selling tradition at Express Ranches, with his first fall yearling sons in the 2017 Express Fall Bull Sale headlined by the $50,000 EXAR Gallant that was selected by Bonchasse Land & Cattle Co. from Shreveport, Louisiana as the second high-selling bull.

The 17 Epic sons in the Express Fall Bull Sale commanded an average of $11,647 and 23 Epic sons from his first spring-born progeny sold for an average of $14,804 in the March 2017 Express Bull sale that was topped by the $80,000 ORIgen young sire EXAR Monumental that sold to Basin Angus Ranch in Montana and Turner Meadow Ranch in Texas.

To date, 45 Epic sons from his first fall and spring calf crops at Express have sold at auction for an average price of $12,401 and true to his name, Epic has set a new added-value standard for both ORIgen and its founding member Express Ranches that has become America’s largest seedstock operation.

For more information on the sire that continues to exceed all expectations of an up and coming herd sire click HERE.

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Sale Topping Sires for week of February 27, 2017

The week of February 27 we saw a lot of ORIgen Sire sons top sales across the country. For more information on each sire click the name or picture.



–Teixeira Bull sale, Terrebonne, OR- $15,000 top selling bull.

–Hart Angus Farm, Frederick, SD-12,000 top selling bull.

–JMB Angus, Sharon Springs KS-8,500 top selling bull.





–Still Angus Farms, Lead Hill, AR- $20,000 top selling bull.

–Lonesome River Ranch , Anselmo, NE- $11,000 top selling bull.





–Ranchers Choice Bull Sale, Etopia, WA- $7,000 top selling bull.

–Illinois Performance Tested Bull Sale, Springfield, IL-5,500





–Geppert’s rock Creek Livestock, Mitchell, SD- $20,000 top selling bull.

–Pasture View Angus, Valentine, NE- $13,500 top selling bull.





–Double R Bar Ranch, Plymouth, IN-$6,700 top selling bull.






–Circle L Angus, Dillion, MT-$9,500 top selling bull.

–Arrow One Angus, North Platte, NE-$11,250 top selling bull.





–Deep Creek Angus Ranch, Philip, SD-$10,500 2nd high selling bull.

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Sons of ORIgen sires top recent sales

With the 2017 Bull Sale Season in full swing  we are seeing many sons of ORIgen sires topping sales across the country. Click the bulls name for more information on each individual sire.

RB Tour of Duty 177 Son- $8,000 top selling bull ant the Clemson Bull Test Sale in SC.

Poss Lasting Impact 3118 Son- $20,000 top selling bull at the Poss Angus Sale in NE to ABS Global and Sitz Angus Ranch.

RB Active Duty 010 Son-$15,000 top selling bull at Idland Cattle Company production sale in MT

EXAR Upshot 0562B Son-$11,000 top selling bull at the Klamath Bull Sale in OR.

Musgrave Big Sky Son-$10,000 top selling bull in the Jallo Angus Ranch Sale in ND.


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Hoover Hawkeye-Progeny sell well at Hoover Angus.

More Exciting Than the Iowa Caucus!

Groundhog Day in Iowa, with the official groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, failing to see his shadow and thus predicting an early spring, and the day after the 2016 Iowa Caucus made history on several fronts, was a great day for Hoover Hawkeye as his only daughter in the 2016 Hoover sale sold for $10,750 as the top-selling female.

His son, Hoover Hawkeye P125, topped the sale at $31,000 with 14 sons of Hawkeye selling for an average of $8,554 in the very successful, in spite of a harsh winter storm, Hoover sale where 106 bulls sold for an average of $7,443.


If the acceptance of his progeny by both commercial and purebred cattlemen during a snowstorm in Iowa was an indication, we expect Hoover Hawkeye to be one of the most popular young sires of the spring of 2016!

NOTE the new semen price of $25 per straw and $40 per A.I. certificate with semen available immediately from Basin, Hoover or Three Trees, from ORIgen online at www.origenbeef.org as part of the “Spring Special” or from your local ABS sales representative.

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National Western Stock Show

The ORIgen team just returned from a week at the 2016 National Western Stock Show in Denver. What a great week with great cattle and our favorite thing getting to see the people we work with. We are excited for the upcoming year especially after seeing many of the ORIgen sires being represented in THE YARDS and ON THE HILL.


Denver, CO  Auctioneer: Eddie Sims
Sale Date: 1/12/2016

Lot 9
Pregnancy $40,000.00
Sire Name: WR Journey-1X74

Lot 7C
Pregnancy $30,000.00
Sire Name: Basin Payweight 1682

Lot 32
Sldom Rest Pin Up Gal 5100 $30,000.00
Sire Name: EXAR Classen 1422B

Lot 20
EZAR Royal Lady 5026 $27,000.00
Sire Name: WR Journey-1X74

NWSS Angus Bull Sale
Denver, CO Auctioneer: Rick Machado
Sale Date: 1/13/2016

Lot 12
North Camp Silver Star 5103 2/3 $45,000.00
Sire Name: R B Active Duty 010

Lot 27
SchroederFinal Design 242 2/3 $13,500.00
Sire Name: A & B Final Design 2135

Lot 30
OSU Blue Chip 4230 2/3 $12,500.00
Sire Name: EXAR Blue Chip 1877

Congraulations to all the consignors during the National Western Stock Show. For more information and sale highlights vist www.angus.org.

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ORIgen in the Spotlight at Fort Worth!

The record-setting 2015 Texas Angus Association sales in Fort Worth were a showcase for the genetics of  many ORIgen sires.

In the Stars of Texas female sale that had an average on over 70 sales of $7,990, the top-selling and second high-selling bred heifers and the second high-selling open heifer were all daughters of the Three Trees senior herd sire, Rito 9Q13. Top-selling bred cow was a daughter of SydGen C C & 7 and the co-top-selling cow calf pair was a daughter of SydGen Trust 6228, both sires produced by  ORIgen partners at Sydenstricker Genetics.

In the record-setting Best of the West bull sale where 92 bulls sold for an average of $7,288, the $35,000 record-selling bull was a yearling son EXAR Combination 1750B that offered the highest $B index of any non-parent bull of the breed with a CED of 18 or higher. Featured at ORIgen, Combination was produced in America’s largest seedstock operation, the progressive program of ORIgen partner Express Ranches.

Click each sire to see their current EPD profiles as well as their pedigrees.

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Sunnyslope Farms | Lanesboro, MN | June 3, 2013 |

The spring 2013 sale season has now effectively wrapped up and the farm and ranch emphasis has shifted to A.I. completion, pasture turn out and promising cow/calf pairs, summer shows, haying season and a host of summer activities that shape our lives as cattle producers. Sunnyslope Farms’ recent production bull sale included the $7500 top selling bull sired by the ORIgen popular calving ease sire, Hoover Dam plus the high selling open heifer sired by SydGen C C & 7 and the co-2nd top selling heifers sired by Connealy Forward who are both featured in the ORIgen sire lineup.

Hoover Dam

SydGen C C & 7

Connealy Forward


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9Q13 Heifers Top Sale at Friendship Farms | Midville, GA | April 19, 2013 |

Based upon the NCE data as of April 26, 2013, there are 19 daughters of the ORIgen sire with the Number 1 $B index among all active Angus sires that rank among the top 100 non parent Angus females on the basis of $B index and they include the females with the Number 1 and Number 2 values.  In that same evaluation, a son of Rito 9Q13 records the Number 1 $B index among 164,197 non parent Angus bulls with two more 9Q13 sons ranking among the top 10 in that sort.

Three of those elite 9Q13 daughters were the top-selling fall heifer calves of the 2013 Friendship Farms sale in Georgia where the female with the Number 8 $B index among 138,767 non parent females topped the sale at $44,000 with two full sisters that also rank among the top 100 non parent females selling for $16,000 each while a flush sister to Rito 9Q13 sold half interest for $22,000 as a featured and top-selling donor that produced a $10,000 heifer pregnancy in that same sale.

Rito 9Q13 of Rita 5F56 GHM


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Pine Coulee Bull Sale | Billings, MT | March 11, 2013

194 bulls averaged $3923
5 heifers averaged $2150

The top selling bull brought $11,000 and is a paternal brother to ORIgen sire, Sleepy Chisum Saddle Creek. Quality in volume was apparent in this sale with excellent buyer appraisal of bulls that displayed volume, thickness, capacity in a very correct package. Pine Coulee genetics combine calving ease, growth, maternal and carcass traits that allow beef industry progress to be consistent and profitable for the future of this business.

Sleepy Chisum Saddle Creek

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Birdtail Ranch and Black Hills Bulls Sale | Augusta, MT | March 9, 2013

28 yearling Angus bulls averaged $4035
28 Simmental/Angus bulls averaged #2384

The top selling bull $9000 bull is a paternal brother to ORIgen sires, H A R B Icon 019, N B C, and A & B Final Answer 9022. A nice crowd appreciated stout, high performance genetics with eye appeal. This sale offering had some of the most consistent, heaving weaning weights in Montana this year and will deliver growth, structure, and phenotype that top cattlemen have come to appreciate from this reputation seedstock program.

H A R B Icon 019


A & B Final Answer 9022


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