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Angus EPD Updates

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Copy of 12-13-19 ORIgen AN EPD Update

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June 1, 2018 release of the Fall 2018 updated American Angus Association NCE database

The June 1, 2018 release of the Fall 2018 updated American Angus Association NCE database was another great day for ORIgen Angus sires!

Among 12,189 active Angus sires with a breed average or better Birth Weight EPD, the ORIgen sires 2S Top Ten, SydGen Enhance and MW DNAmite rank as THREE of the top FIVE of that active Angus sire sort for $Beef value index!

ORIgen sires EXAR Monumental 6056B, SydGen FATE 2800, ECO Lombardi 1512, EXAR Hi-Tech 4769B, 3F Epic 4631, Welytok Mr All American 5C31, Welytok Campaign 5C23, SF Speedway A187 and Schiefelbein Snapchat 1094 complete the 12 ORIgen sires among the top 100 sires that combine moderate birth weight genetics with excellence in the bio-economic growth and end product index. That is 12% of an elite sort that ALL have semen available online at ORIgenbeef.org.

Among a second elite sort of 45 active sires that rank top 1% of the population for BOTH $Weaned calf value index and $Beef value index, the ORIgen sire ECO Lombardi records the Number 2 $W index and CCA New Design A42 records the Number 2 $B index.

They are joined in that elite sort by the ORIgen sires Welytok Mr All American 5C31, MW DNAmite, BV South Point 6007 and EXAR Epic 6072B to give ORIgen more than 13% of the bulls that excel at the points where beef cattle are measured and sold by the pound.

See all the ORIgen sires’ Fall 2018 updated EPD data and order semen online at ORIgenbeef.org

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ORIgen Angus Genetics at the 2018 National Western Stock Show

A great week for ORIgen genetics began at the Bases Loaded Angus Sale at Coors Field where a 12% semen interest of the young ORIgen sire Stevenson Big League sold for $90,000. The top three valued females of that sale were daughters of ORIgen sires with half interest of the Basin Payweight 1682 daughter featured as Lot 7B selling for $52,500, half interest of the 3F Epic daughter featured as Lot 4 selling for $40,000 and half interest of the EXAR Stud daughter featured as Lot 18A selling for $25,000.

The next day in the National Western Angus Bull Sale, the Grand Champion Bull was a son of the ORIgen sire BUBS Southern Charm and the sale that evening began with the $215,000 sale of a maternal sister to the ORIgen sires V A R Foreman, V A R Generation and V A R Rubicon as the heifer donated by the ORIgen owner Vintage Angus Ranch to the Angus Foundation. A pregnancy by the ORIgen Roll of Victory Sire EXAR Classen topped that division of donations to the Angus Foundation at $19,000. For the second consecutive year, the top-selling bull of this sale will join the ORIgen marketing system. In the sale, nine sons of ORIgen sires, which represented nearly one fourth of the sale offering, sold for an average price of $12,278 to surpass the overall sale average by more than $5,000.

In the Roll of Victory Bull Show, the Grand Champion was a son of the ORIgen Roll of Victory sire EXAR Classen and the $51,000 half interest top-selling individual of the 2018 Denim and Diamonds Sale was a son of the now-deceased ORIgen sire RB Active Duty 010.
In the National Western Foundation Female Sale, a 10% semen interest of the popular ORIgen sire Aviator sold for $30,000 with choice of three full sisters to him selling for $11,000. Top-selling full interest female of the sale was Lot 5, a $40,000 daughter of the ORIgen sire Basin Payweight 1682. The third high selling half interest female sold as Lot 38 for $16,500 was another daughter of 1682 and the second, third and fourth high selling heifer pregnancies of the event at $16,000, $15,000 and $14,000 were pregnancies by the ORIgen sires Basin Payweight 1682, EXAR Monumental and FF Rito Righteous.

On Saturday, the pen and carload show of Angus bulls was a showcase of ORIgen genetics. The Grand Champion Carload of Angus Bulls bred and shown by the ORIgen owner Express Ranches featured 10 sons of ORIgen sires with a son of Epic leading the load that included two more Epic sons, five EXAR Stud sons, a son of EXAR Resistol and a very popular son of EXAR Hi-Tech. The winning load had an average CED of 10 with an average Birth Weight EPD of .6 and they had an average show weight of 1,458 pounds for an average WDA of 3.90 along with exceptional growth EPD values and bio-economic indexes.

After several hours of intense competition among nearly 40 pens of three bulls, the Grand Champion Pen of Three Angus Bulls was one of the three first prize pens bred and exhibited by Express Ranches. This Grand Champion Pen of Three herd sire prospects included two sons of the ORIgen superstar Epic and one by the high marbling young ORIgen sire EXAR Stud. With an average show weight of 1,332 pounds for an average WDA of 3.79, these three truly unique future breeding pieces had a phenomenal average CED of 12 and an average Birth Weight EPD of -.2 in combination with an average Weaning Weight EPD of 68 and an average Yearling Weight EPD of 125. Expect to see several of these exciting young herd sire prospects in the upcoming spring sale reports!

The Reserve Late Calf Champion Pen of Three Bulls bred and exhibited by Bobcat Angus included three sons of the ORIgen sires Basin Payweight 1682, HF Powder Keg and Musgrave Big Sky. Express Ranches also exhibited a first prize pen of three sons of the record-setting ORIgen sire HA Cowboy Up. Frey Angus Ranch showed a first prize pen of three sons of the ORIgen sire Freys Appearance, a past lead bull of a Grand Champion Pen of Three Bulls for them. Pollard Farms powerful and popular pen that stood second in class to the Grand Champion Pen included sons of the ORIgen sires V A R Generation and Basin Payweight 1682.

Other ORIgen news at the 2018 National Western included the private treaty sale of an interest in the increasingly popular ORIgen sire BUBS Southern Charm to Sitz Angus Ranch along with the addition of several promising young sires to the ORIgen marketing system. Among those new additions is DPL Boundary T72, a son of Broken Bow selected by Hinman Angus from the record-setting Dal Porto and Ranch Casino sale in California with a top 1% $Weaned calf value index, a minus Birth Weight EPD and a double-digit Calving Ease Direct EPD along with his top 10% Marbling score EPD.

Bubs Southern Charm AA31

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ORIgen-Breeder to Breeder Genetic Services

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In a League of His Own!


The $221,000 two-thirds interest record-setting Stevenson Big League has an exciting new photo and the 12-08-17 EPD update of the American Angus Association finds him among the top 1% of the Angus population for Weaning Weight EPD, Yearling Weight EPD, Residual Average Daily Gain EPD and hot Carcass Weight EPD to place him among the top 1% for $Weaned calf value index, $Feedlot value index and $Beef value index.

This powerful addition to the Express and Wilks programs produced by the fourth generation of the Stevenson Angus Ranch family combines his seven top 1% EPD rankings with a top 10% double-digit Calving Ease Direct EPD and a top 20% Birth Weight EPD to make him ideal for breeding heifers.

Expected to start collection at ORIgen very soon, NOW is the time to get your name on the reservation list for semen this spring from this powerful late January outcross prospect that weighed 1,340 pounds at 10 months of age when the world came to see him at Hobson, Montana.

Call ORIgen at (866) 867-4436 to make your reservations for the Big League!

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American Hereford Association Genetic Evaluation Updates 12-4-2017

This review outlines revisions in the AHA genetic evaluation released December 4, 2017. Previous AHA evaluations utilized Molecular Breeding Values (MBVs) to predict the genomic contribution by correlating the genetic relationship between MBVs and traits of interest. The new evaluation more precisely evaluates the genomic differences between animals using an analytical approach called the Marker Effects Model. Like phenotypes, the marker effects of a genotype directly impact an animal’s Expected Progeny Difference (EPD). Like most breed associations, AHA has conducted a full multi-trait genetic evaluation with all traits correlated to one another, either through a favorable or unfavorable relationship. With the new evaluation, traits have been grouped into subsets optimal for inclusion allowing more frequent and efficient evaluations and better estimating traits of interest rather than building these traits through correlation.

The main Growth model stayed the same, but because the new analysis uses the single step Marker Effects Model, some animals’ EPDs changed as a primary result of increased accuracy and reduced bias. Scrotal circumference is correlated with weaning weight, but only Scrotal Circumference EPDs are reported. There is a decrease of correlated data impacting Scrotal EPDs, and even though this impact is small, the new handling of the genomic component caused changes to some animals’ Scrotal Circumference EPDs.

Birth weight is used as the correlated trait with carcass traits to account for selection. Weaning and yearling weight are no longer included as correlated traits with carcass fat and carcass marbling. Instead scan fat and intra-muscular fat along with birth and carcass weight are used to resolve traits of interest when real carcass data has not been collected. This creates some changes in Carcass Fat and Marbling score EPDs, the two traits reported from this model. The variance components for this analysis were re-estimated for all carcass traits and the correlation between scan intramuscular fat and carcass marbling score decreased from 0.70 to 0.54 which combined with the new handling of the genomic component, causes changes to some animals’ EPDs. Weaning weight is used as a correlated trait, however, yearling weight will no longer be included as a correlated trait with carcass weight and carcass rib-eye area to account for selection. Instead scan rib-eye area and weaning weight are included with available carcass data to calculate the traits of interest. Carcass rib-eye area and carcass weight are the only two traits reported from this model. Correlations comparing the previous carcass trait EPDs to the new ones are very high, but can be different for some animals because of the new handling of the genomic component.

The updated AHA genetic evaluation uses a random regression statistical procedure to calculate calving ease and maternal calving ease. Birth weight is used as the correlated trait in this model but is not reported from this model as it is reported from the Growth analysis. This updated evaluation moves away from the previous threshold model for calving ease, in part because the old model required that observations that are the same within a contemporary group or herd could not be used. This means that the new analysis uses all observations regardless of score as well as using the corresponding birth weight phenotype. Even though this evaluation uses only data from two-year-old heifers, more observations result in a more comprehensive calving ease evaluation than in the past. Again, the new handling of the genomic component changes some animals’ EPDs.

Mature cow weight is analyzed with weaning weight, but only mature cow weight will be reported out of this model. The Weaning Weight EPD comes from the Growth analysis. Even though the new MCW EPDs are highly correlated to the old, changes occur because yearling weight is no longer used as a correlated trait and the new handling of the genomic component. The udder and teat evaluation remains the same model as it has been with the exception that it now includes the genomic information to increase the accuracy of prediction.

Sustained Cow Fertility is analyzed by itself, without a correlated trait, using random regression statistical model to predict female fertility and longevity. SCF EPD trait predicts a female’s ability to stay in the herd through the age of twelve for ten calving after calving as a two-year-old heifer. The EPD is reported on a probability scale meaning that a higher EPD for a sire means his daughters are more likely to remain fertile and produce more calves in their lifetime. Dry Matter Intake includes weaning and yearling weight as correlated traits, but dry matter intake is the only trait reported from this model. The DMI EPD predicts the daily consumption of feed. Because of the limited number of phenotypes collected for these traits that have a corresponding genotype, the genomic component is not included in either of these models.

In the updated AHA evaluation, phenotypes are used only from progeny born after 2001, the start of Whole Herd Total Performance Reporting (TPR) and the pedigree data includes at least three generations of pedigree from the observations through great-grandparents. This data window reduces the biases from possible incomplete reporting of data prior to Whole Herd TPR which is based on a cow inventory system since previous data points were collected only when a breeder chose to register a calf. Sires or dams that had progeny born on both sides of Whole Herd TPR may have seen EPD and accuracy values change.

The computing power of BOLT more precisely calculates accuracy, the hardest piece of a genetic evaluation to correctly compute. In the past, an approximation technique was used to calculate accuracy by all breed organizations. Improved computing known as sampling allows the direct calculation of key variables used in calculating accuracy rather than from approximating these variables. Previous approximations overestimated the accuracy of EPDs, especially for young animals, and accuracy changes occur because this direct method does not contain the bias from the approximations.

Both Dry Matter Intake (DMI) and Sustained Cow Fertility (SCF) are now to be included in the AHA economic indexes along with other key Economically Relevant Traits (ERT’s) Carcass Weight (CW) and Mature Cow Weight (MCW). Adding these ERT’s into the economic indexes provides a more robust and comprehensive selection tool for commercial producers to select Hereford bulls to be used on Angus based cows. DMI and CW are included in all three AHA economic indexes to help predict the cost associated with feed inputs and to measure the end-product pounds that are critical for profit. SCF replaces scrotal circumference as the predictor of fertility and is a large contributor to both maternal indexes. Because of the inclusion of these key ERT’s, some animal index values have changed.

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ORIgen Recognized as the Number 1 Source of Angus A.I.

The Top 25 Sires of progeny registered “Sire Information Report” generated by the American Angus Association at the conclusion of each fiscal year has long been the metric used to quantify the impact of A.I. marketing organizations within the Angus breed.

For the American Angus Association’s 2017 fiscal year that ended September 30, 2017, ORIgen is the source of semen for seven of the top 25 sires of progeny registered with 18,787 progeny of those ORIgen sires registered that represent 29% of all progeny produced by those top 25 sires – more than any of the other four A.I. marketing organizations with sires included in the report!



R B Tour Of Duty 177


3,520 6 Basin Payweight 1682 17038724
3,316 7 WR Journey-1X74 16924332
2,185 14 V A R Generation 2100 17171587
1,415 19 Hoover Dam 16124994
1,375 21 Connealy Consensus 7229 16447771
1,139 25 EXAR Stud 4658B 17908266

With seven sires among the top 25 and three among the top 10 which is also more than any other A.I. marketing entity, R B Tour of Duty 177 was recognized in the official report as the first Number 1 sire of progeny registered in the history of ORIgen.  The top 25 sires represent nearly 20% of the total registrations of the American Angus Association for fiscal year 2017 and ORIgen’s seven sires among the top 25 represent 6% of all registrations.

ORIgen’s “Breeder to Breeder Genetic Services” concept continues to gain popularity in the seedstock industry with the ORIgen marketing system guaranteeing a minimum return of 50% of the semen sales revenue to the owners of the bulls who have made the investment of financial and intellectual resources in creating and offering Angus genetics for the advancement of the beef industry while allowing those bull owners to direct market their semen products without limitations or restrictions.

ORIgen is pleased and proud to congratulate both its customers and its bull owners on this most recent validation that Angus breeders really do want to do business with other Angus breeders that share their needs, desires and commitment to keep the Angus breed at the forefront of the industry!

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ORIgen Winners After Genomic Recalibration With One-Step

SydGen Fate 2800 (reg. 17521423)

Exceptional genetic strength and balance makes Fate the solid choice for a multitude of important production traits with calving ease, performance, feed efficiency, scrotal, docility, maternal, genomics and carcass merit backed by harvest data and top 1% $Beef index. This bull has covered hundreds of cows naturally and offers an outcross pedigree with a “no holes” profile that can make a lasting contribution to your herd for virtually every measurable trait. He’s well beyond the 85% accuracy threshold that most bulls on new sire sorts can’t deliver. He was the $113,00 top selling bull ever from the SydGen program and he is making his mark in cowboy country where only the strong ones make it to the top in the real-world beef business.


3F Epic 4631 (reg. 17950219)

Epic is the elite spread bull in the breed delivering double digit CED, sub-zero BW and top 1% WW + YW growth, never seen before in the industry. He will leave an attractive, smooth front end, incredible length, depth and capacity covering any market demand. His data is eye-popping and his incredible phenotype will take your breath away. He combines calving ease with the EPIC performance as well as any bull you will find anywhere with top 1% values for $W + $F plus top 3% $B. Epic’s front end new genomic scores with CED 8, BW 14, WW 1 + YW 1 prove he is genetically built from the ground up and won’t disappoint you when additional data is added in the Angus breed. His progeny have already been in high demand with a new pedigree that fits virtually everywhere.

EXAR Monumental 6056 B (reg. 18379347)

With 17 traits or indexes in the top 15% of the breed, Monumental builds on the Epic legacy with even greater end product strength. No other bull in the breed can match his spread credentials with CED 11, BW -1.3, WW 75, YW +136 and top 1% values for $W, $F and $B. He does all this with CW +70 (1%), Mb. + 1.18 (3%) and RE +0.75 (15%). Let him be your Angus “handy man” and fix those genetic holes that need attention right now. Monumental was the $80,000 top selling bull in the 2017 Express Ranches Spring Sale and a key member of the Grand Champion Denver Carload of Bulls. He’s new genomic scores are even a bigger winner with: CED 11, BW 3, WW 13, YW 10, CW 7 and Mb. 5. Move forward into a new era where you can breed your next genetic winner!

Algoma Golden Hooter 527B

The bull that was the biggest winner at ORIgen after the one-step genetic recalibration goes to a sire with a very unconventional name – Algoma Golden Hooter 527B. This calving ease Sitz Wisdom 581T son has always drawn rave reviews at ORIgen for his tremendous phenotype, sweet front, tight sheath, explosive muscle mass and great feet. His genetic arithmetic always held him back until now. He jumped from a +42 WW EPD all the way to +56 where he can now be a big time “genetic player”. His Pathfinder 14-year old CA Future Direction X California Traveler dam was likely caught up in the genetic drift due to her age that contributed to the most improved bull honors to Golden Hooter. He held his sub-zero BW EPDs and now takes no back seat to any bull in the stud especially when type and kind are very important selection criteria.


SF Speedway A187 (reg. 17470682)

When you sort the American Angus Assn. database following the one-step inauguration with Speedway’s specs, he’s the only bull that comes up. He’s always been a length of body outlier at ORIgen with an outcross pedigree and has a top 1% $W + $B combination. Speedway is now a proven, reliable low PAP sire for high elevation useage and with 15 herds submitting data records BWR 100, WWR 103, YWR 103. 42 progeny scanned posts IMF 107, RE 102, Rib Fat 95 and Rump Fat 100. Study his new photo…this bull fits on paper + phenotypically even better. This Utah test station graduate is one of the new rising stars at ORIgen with strength and balance covering all the bases. His dam and maternal sister are modest mature sized cows with capacity, femininity, balanced carcass and superior mobility/feet structure.


SydGen Enhance (reg. 18170041)

Enhance is the king of $Beef at ORIgen with over a +200 index indicating his terminal strength. He reaches “rock star” status when you combine his total package: CED +11, -0.7 to 130 BW to YW spread, +1.66 scrotal and great carcass resume with CW +73, Mb. +1.22 and RE +0.72. No other bull in the breed offers those total package specs. He offers superior, fresh, “alternative” genetics to virtually any mainstream Angus pedigrees. Enhance stacks two generations of double digit CED, sub-zero BW EPDs with over +1.00 marbling strength. He was the $30,000 co-top selling bull in the 2015 SydGen Production Sale in Missouri and his new genomic top 1% scores for both docility and Carcass Weight are comforting to real world cowboys from birth to the kill sheet all the way to the platter.

ECO Lombardi 1512 (reg. 18267894)

This is the elite ORIgen data and genomic superstar that offers excellence all across the board for a multitude of traits. Lombardi has 12 EPDs / indexes in the top 5% of the breed and he’s backed by tremendous cow power. Expect this young sire to add frame size and explosive growth to his progeny. His new genomic profile is stellar with CED 7, BW 7, WW 1, YW 1, Sc 5, Doc 8, CW 11, Mb. 9. This cutting edge data along with CED +9, BW +0.6, WW +85 and YW +153 can fix those females that need a genetic corrector after the launching of the one-step new information. Lombardi’s carcass profile includes top 2% CW and over +1.00 Mb. EPD (top 5%). His top 1% values for $W, $F and $B add to his extreme genetic value.

 Angus Hill Steadfast 854B (reg. 18060260)

Another genomic standout at ORIgen that has cowboy data that’s unveiled in the Angus breed. No other bull can match his numbers that “rock the house” for calving ease, solid growth, scrotal, top 1% docility, marbling, muscle and dollar indexes. Steadfast can hold his own even without any data or information producing highly reliable progeny at farms and ranches all across the country. His robust ribcage, structure, capacity, guts and correct hip and hind leg will be an “easy sell” to customers that want to see the bull first. This is what makes the Angus breed so unique and exciting because Steadfast brings the things that built foundation all together with calving ease, marbling and maternal. Post one-step new genomic scores include: CED 2, BW 5, WW 19, YW 7, Sc2, Doc 1, Mb. 1, RE 13, Tend. 10. This is science and it works!

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Sons of ORIgen sires top recent sales

With the 2017 Bull Sale Season in full swing  we are seeing many sons of ORIgen sires topping sales across the country. Click the bulls name for more information on each individual sire.

RB Tour of Duty 177 Son- $8,000 top selling bull ant the Clemson Bull Test Sale in SC.

Poss Lasting Impact 3118 Son- $20,000 top selling bull at the Poss Angus Sale in NE to ABS Global and Sitz Angus Ranch.

RB Active Duty 010 Son-$15,000 top selling bull at Idland Cattle Company production sale in MT

EXAR Upshot 0562B Son-$11,000 top selling bull at the Klamath Bull Sale in OR.

Musgrave Big Sky Son-$10,000 top selling bull in the Jallo Angus Ranch Sale in ND.


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An Epic Event at Express on March 3, 2017

3F Epic 4631

There will be 26 of the very first sons of the new Express and Sitz herd sire 3F Epic 4631 in the annual 3f-epic-4631-fa16kr_wlogospring bull sale at Express on Friday, March 3, 2017.  Those 26 bulls had an average adjusted 365 day weight of 1,483 pounds in a sale offering where 534 bulls recorded an average of 1,353 pounds.  At weaning, the Epic sons have an average adjusted 205 day weight of 811 pounds with the entire Angus bull offering recording an average of 747 pounds and when scanned the Epic sons had an adjusted 365 day %IMF estimate of 5.97% with the 534 Angus sale bulls recording an average of 5.48%.  Equally impressive is the average CED EPD of 10 and the average Birth Weight EPD of -.02 of this awesome sire group.

The sale will begin with the Epic son that was the Lot 1 lead bull of the 2017 National Western Grand Champion Carload of Bulls and the Lot 5 carload Epic son will be a favorite of anyone that studies the EPD data.  Lots 14 and 16 from the first prize early junior Pen of Three Bulls will be two of the most popular bulls among cattlemen that value both EPD excellence and power and phenotype.  The Epic son featured as Lot 144 records the highest adjusted 365 day weight ever offered by Express at 1,731 pounds and Lot 128 is the second high bull of the offering at 1,684 pounds with Lots 127 and 143 joining them above 1,600 pounds and among the top 15 adjusted 365 day weights of the 534 Angus bulls in the sale catalog.

As of this writing, 28 Epic calves in eight different contemporary groups from first calf heifers have all been born unassisted with 95 progeny in 11 contemporary groups recording an average birth ratio of 96 and those same 95 calves record an average weaning ratio of 102 with 33 progeny in three contemporary groups recording an average yearling ratio of 103 while 32 head have an average %IMF ratio of 103.

Two daughters of Epic sold half interest for $20,000 and $16.000 each as featured females in the historic 2017 Bases Loaded Sale at the National Western with Epic daughters selling as the most popular sire group of natural heifer calves in the 2016 Big Event at Express.

For more information on this up and coming sire, click HERE!

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