237 Stud News

237 Stud News

ORIgen Angus Sires Fall 2020 NCE Young Sire Supplement

The Young Sire Supplement of the Fall 2020 National Cattle Evaluation lists 2,895 bulls born after January 1, 2016, that have at least 10 progeny weaning weights on AHIR and post a weaning accuracy of at least .30.

SydGen Merit 6553 records the Number 3 Marbling score EPD and has the Number 4 $Combined value index and $Grid value index and a top 10 $Maternal value index that are all the highest among ORIgen sires represented in this report along with recording a top 25 $Beef value index.

SydGen Evolution records the Number 6 $Beef value index among the 2,895 young sires and ranks among the top 15 for $Combined value index and has one of the top 25 values for Weaning Weight EPD, Yearling Weight EPD and $Feedlot value index.

Basin Deposit 6249 records the Number 8 Weaning Weight EPD value and a top 15 value for $Weaned calf value index, a top 20 $Combined valued index and top 25 values for $Maternal value index, $Grid value index, Marbling score EPD and Yearling Weight EPD.

Stevenson Easy Money records a top 10 Weaning Weight EPD, Yearling Weight EPD, $Weaned calf value index and $Feedlot value index.

JR Fast Forward records the Number 6 $Weaned calf value index with a top 20 value for $Combined value index and Weaning Weight EPD along with a top 25 values for $Maternal value index.

Curtin Rambunctious records the Number 2 $Weaned calf value index of the report and records one of the top 15 Weaning Weight EPD values and top 25 Yearling Weight EPD values.

EXAR Epic 6072B combines the Number 4 Yearling Weight EPD with the Number 10 Weaning Weight EPD for a top 15 $Feedlot value index and top 25 $Weaned calf value index.

EXAR Stallion records top 25 values for $Grid value index and Weaning Weight EPD and Basin Encore records one of the top 15 values for $Weaned calf value index.

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