LMR Harukichi 5106C 

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LMR Harukichi 5106C

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Sire: Kita Teruyasudoi J2810
Reg. #: FB20877
Tattoo: 5106C
Birth Date: Mar 2015
Cane Code: 59KB44

LMR Harukichi 5106C is the product of two illustrious sire lines coming together: Kitateruyasudoi J2810 ETJ 003 and WKS Shigeshigetani.

Kitateruyasudoi J2810 is a son of Terunaga Doi J1472, a preeminent sire of the historical Tajima/Tajiri line and the most famous son of Kikuteru Doi (who occupies both sides of ETJ003’s pedigree). Kitateruyasudoi also traces back to Yasumi Doi J10328 three times. Kenichi Ono referenced ETJ003’s sire, saying “After Terunaga Doi, there is no other bull within sight with the potential of Yasumi Doi or Yasutani Doi in all of Hyogo Prefecture.”

Terunaga Doi lived to be 16 ½ years old, producing over 20,000 progeny – a stone monument was built to honor his heritage. He was known all over Japan primarily as a dam sire, passing on great maternal traits. When he was euthanized in 2002, he was compared favorably to Yasumi Doi, Kikuteru Doi and Tanifuku Doi.

Recently, a deceased Kitateruyasudoi son (Macquarie Wagyu Y408), had 10 straws of semen on offer at the May 2017 Australian Wagyu Elite Wagyu Sale. The lot was bought for an astounding AU$ 28,000 per straw – a stunning purchase: AU$280,000!

BREEDPLAN figures demonstrate his abilities, ranking Kitateruyasudoi ETJ003 as a Trait Leader and in the top 2% for Birth Weight EBV (-1.6) and in the top 1% for Gestation Length EBV (-2.3). Kitateruyasudoi is in the top 1% for Marble Fineness EBV (+0.50) and in the top 2% for Marble Score EBV (+1.1). These figures are based on 69 carcass images and 745 scanned progeny – the percentile rankings include over 60,000 Wagyu worldwide (ex-Japan) – and the accuracy levels are in the nineties ~90%. In addition, Harukichi’s dam sire, Shigeshigetani is a Trait Leader in Birthweight EBV (-1.5) ranking him in the top 5% of Wagyu Fullblood Sires.

5106C’s dam, LMR Ms Shigeshigetani 9226W, is one of Lone Mountain’s most productive donors who at seven years of age has over 20 progeny including several full sibs to 5106C who are active in the Lone Mountain herd as replacement females.

Although still very much in his youth, it should be expected that Harukichi 5106C’s genetic makeup will be unveiled as a highly regarded calving ease and marbling bull. 5106C’s BREEDPLAN pedigree EBVs plot him in the top 10% for Marble Fineness (+0.26) and in the top 20% for Marble Score EBV +0.6 of the Fullblood Wagyu herd (outside Japan).

TESTED FREE of all known Wagyu Conditions. SCD: AA Tenderness: 7

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co
Golden, NM