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LMR Yosuke 5165C 

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LMR Yosuke 5165C

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Sire: World K's Kitaguni JR.
Reg. #: FB10170
Tattoo: 5165C
Birth Date: Apr 2015
Cane Code: 59KB40

LMR Yosuke 5165C is the result of a mating between two illustrious foundation sires of the Wagyu breed: WKS Kitaguni Jr and Itoshigenami TF148.

Yosuke 5165C’s paternal grandsire,  Kitaguni 78, was the sire of Grand Champion of 7th Zenkyo, held in Iwate Prefecture in 1997.

When Kitaguni’s indirect testing was completed in 1990, it was overshadowed by very stable Yasufuku 165-9 harvest results, so 7の8 did not get much attention until around 1993. But once he became known, Kitaguni 7の8 managed to leave everyone else in the dust, winning nationwide carcass contests four years in a row: 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000.

5165C’s sire, WKS Kitaguni Jr is, according to BREEDPLAN (and the LMCC Sire Summary), a marbling star (EBV +1.4) ranking him in the top 1% of all Wagyu sires tested. In the 2017 LMCC Sire Performance Study, WKS Kitaguni Jr, with 55 carcasses studied, ranks 3rd with an average of 31.71% and, with 13 images studied as Dam Sire, Kitaguni Jr displays his staying power by ranking 2nd (33.03%). And in terms of Marble Fineness, Kitaguni Jr ranks 4th as both Sire and Dam Sire.

Yosuke 5165C’s half-sib, LMR Koichi 1409, based on 7 carcasses has passed his father, Kitaguni Jr in both IMF and Marbling Fineness, ranking 2nd in both categories and has sired a young, promising LMCC sire, LMR Taisuke 401B. And LMR Kitaguni 1441Y, another Kitaguni Jr son, is making noise on both counts – his first three harvested progeny graded 52.03%, 39.72%, and 31.92% IMF. Two shining examples of Kitaguni Jr’s marbling abilities being passed down to his sons.

 Yosuke 5165’s dam sire, Itoshigenami TF148, is from the famous Shigeshigenami sire line. These ancestral lines are renowned for delivering a high degree of marbling and with that, a high probability that those exceptional characteristics are passed down through the generations. TF148 is at the top of the heap in BREEDPLAN for Marbling (EBV = +1.7) and Fullblood Terminal Index ($348) – both ranking in the top 1% of the Wagyu breed and, to complete the ‘trio’, he is a Trait Leader and ranks in the top 5% for Birth Weight EBV (-0.9).

 The Australian Wagyu Sire Research Project has uncovered as the finest of the highly marbling sires: Itoshigenami TF148 out of a Monjiro-line dam (Sanjirou), named Mayura Itoshigenami Jnr A0139. An A0139 ET son (Mayura L0010) was bought for a record-breaking AU$ 105,000 at the 2017 Australian Wagyu Annual conference surpassing the 10 straws of semen from Mayura Itoshigenami Jr that sold in May 2016 in Australia for an astounding figure: AU$30,500.

Yosuke 5165C’s BREEDPLAN pedigree figures are impressive with a Marble Score EBV of +1.2 and Rib Fat EBV (+1.3), ranking him in the top 5% of the breed. The genetic combination of his sire and dam sire leads us to believe that he will be an exceptional bull with great carcass quality prospects. An example of that combination is shown at right with 5165C’s half-sib (2016Z) .

TESTED FREE of all known Wagyu Conditions SCD: AA Tenderness: 7


Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM