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LMR Hayao 5549C 

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LMR Hayao 5549C

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Sire: LMR Kenichi 807T
Reg. #: FB22386
Tattoo: 5549C
Birth Date: Sep 2015
Cane Code:

LMR Hayao 5549C is the first AA 10 bull produced by Lone Mountain.

LMR Hayao 5549C is an 18-month-old sired by LMR Kenichi 807T, son of WKS Michifuku, the superb carcass sire imported from Japan. 807T is a brilliant composite bull, a Tajima/Itozakura/Shimane cross. Kenichi 807T was named in honor of the exceptional writer Kenichi Ono, who produced the classic text on Wagyu, The Outstanding Wagyu of Japan. 807T’s maternal side is linebred to Dai 7 Itozakura, a Japanese bull known for his amazing growth traits was so famous that his picture was placed on a telephone card. 807T’s grand-dam sire, Kenryu is a highly regarded bull from Shimane Prefecture. His dam, WKS Nakazakura, is a half-sib of Jerry Reeves’ highly regarded Bar R Nakagishiro 56T.

5549C has solid World Ks breeding behind him with a Takeda marvel, TF Itohana 2 (grandson of Dai 7 Itozakura), as his dam sire. Itohana’s BREEDPLAN figures rank him in the top 3% of all Fullblood Wagyu Sires outside Japan with a Fullblood Terminal Index of $274. With the strong influence of the “Michifuku” genetics, the legacy of "Doi" family and their renowned meat quality traits is established. Evidence of Michifuku’s abilities as a sire is shown at right (4337B).

5549C’s dam, LMR Ms Itohana 9264W, is a 7-year-old with potential. She has had 5 progeny to date (all males except one daughter, 4341B, who has been retained in the LMR breeding herd). 9264W’s performance figures are exceptional, with a top 1% ranking for both Milk EBV (+10) and Rump Fat EBV (+3.3) – and a top 4% ranking for both Rib Fat EBV (+1.4) and a Birth Weight EBV (-0.8).

Hayao’s BREEDPLAN figures are based on parental pedigree and will undoubtedly improve as his progeny develop. Meanwhile his trait leading Carcass Fat EBVs (Rib: +1.8 and Rump; +3.8) position him in the top 1% of the breed outside Japan and as such, directs a strong relationship to finishing ability, early maturity, and improvement in fertility (increased cycling prevalence in his daughters). 

As with all Lone Mountain bred males 5549C has been carefully selected for what we believe as a well-balanced bull with the necessary attributes (maternal, growth, carcass and, finishing ability) required in a herd bull. In addition, his SCD result is AA and his Tenderness: 10. 5549C was the first Lone Mountain-bred bull tested to achieve such an impressive result.

Since 5549C will be sold at the 2017 LMCC Production Sale, Lone Mountain is retaining an interest only in the semen collected prior to the sale.

5549C has been tested free for genetic defects.

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM