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LMR Kurosawa 5301C 

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LMR Kurosawa 5301C

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Sire: Bar R Sanjirou 4P
Reg. #: FB20632
Tattoo: 5301c
Birth Date: Jun 2015
Cane Code: 59KB42

LMR Kurosawa 5301C is the product of two distinguished Lone Mountain bulls: Bar R Sanjirou 4P and LMR Toshiro 1-3 723T.

Kurosawa’s sire, Bar R Sanjirou 4P – son of World K’s acclaimed bull WKS Sanjirou – has been an integral part of the Lone Mountain Bull Battery since his purchase in March 2006.

WKS Sanjirou is a linebred Yasumi Doi J10328 bull. Yasumi Doi, widely known for his ability to produce excellent meat quality, sired Yasutani Doi J472 and grandsired both Fukutsuru 068 and Yasufuku J930. Sanjirou is out of the prominent Japanese cow Suzutani, who represents one of the most potent bloodlines in Japan. Sanjirou has the potential to become one of the most influential sires of the Tajima line, having great meat quality, large ribeye area, thick rib and high yields. Suzutani’s dam, Suzunami, was sired by Shigeshigenami J10632.

In the April 2017 Group BREEDPLAN Report, calculated using data from over 60,000 Wagyu Sires and Dams, and 4,711 FB Wagyu carcasses, Sanjirou 4P ranks in the top 1% for Marbling Fineness (+0.38); in the top 5% for IMF% EPD (+1.0); and in the top 10% for Fullblood Terminal Index (+$230). In the 2017 LMCC Sire Performance Study, Sanjirou 4P as Dam Sire ranks 3rd for IMF (30.50%) and 4th for REA (14.33’2) based on 16 actual carcass data.

Kurosawa 5301C’s dam sire was LMR Toshiro 723T, a Growth Trait Leader among all Wagyu Sires outside of Japan. With accuracy figures of 80%, 723T’s 200-day Weight EBV (+15) and 400-day Weight EBV (+32) are in the top 10% and top 5%, respectively, according to BREEDPLAN. 723T’s Carcass Weight EBV (+37) ranks him in the top 1% (testifying positively to this number, Lone Mountain has noted an average carcass weight of 1030 lbs). In addition, 723T’s excellent Milk EBV (+8), ranks him in the top 3% and his Fullblood Terminal Index of +$223 ranks him in the top 7% of the breed. In addition, In addition, Toshiro has sired eight 32%+ IMF steers for Lone Mountain. Attesting to Toshiro’s prowess as dam sire, see 3581A, pictured.

5301’s dam, LMR Ms Toshiro 9234W, ranks in the top 1% for both Milk (+9) and Carcass Weight (+34) and is one of our strongest performing 8 year olds.

With these illustrious genetics flowing through his body, it can well be expected that Kurosawa 5301C will be a superb carcass sire.

TESTED FREE of all known Wagyu Conditions SCD: AA Tenderness: 7

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM