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LMR Kitaguni 1441Y 

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LMR Kitaguni 1441Y

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Sire: World K's Kitaguni Jr.
Reg. #: FB14630
Tattoo: 1441Y
Birth Date: Nov 2011
Cane Code: 54KB183

LMR Kitaguni 1441Y is an example of the carcass-winning genetic marriage of WKS Kitaguni Jr and WKS Yasufuku Jr. 1441Y’s first harvested offspring, 4247B, delivered one of the highest marbled carcasses (52% IMF) Lone Mountain has ever produced (pictured). His second offspring, 4249B, measured 39.72% IMF (also pictured). Both were 31-month-old heifers.

This is an example of the exemplary mating “nick” that Lone Mountain has uncovered, marrying the abundance of marbling of Kitaguni 7/8 with the marbling fineness of Yasufuku Jr. Kenichi Ono opines that Kitaguni 7 No 8 was one of the three greatest Wagyu in all of Japan and considers Yasufuku Jr’s sire, Yasufuku J930, to be the very best of Tajima breeding.

Not to be overlooked is the influence of 1441Y's dam, BR Ms Yasufuku 0645, one of Lone Mountain's finest donors. She has produced 19 calves for Lone Mountain: 6 steers graded over 30% IMF including a 50% steer, LMR Kitaguni 8166U and two of our best donors. Another of 0645’s sons, LMR Kochi 1409Y, now deceased, is a full brother of 1441Y. In addition, one of our newest sires, LMR Taisuke 401B shows a double instance of 0645 in his pedigree.

Although still not in his prime, LMR Kitaguni 1441Y promises to be another breakout marbling success. He is also promising as a heifer bull with his Birth Weight EBV (-3.3) ranking him in the top 1% of the Wagyu herd outside Japan according to BREEDPLAN, which would indicate a high probability that his calves will be on the lighter side. In addition, 1441Y has a fine set of BREEDPLAN figures for carcass: high fat EBVs (Rib (+1.1) and Rump (+1.3), and an impressive Marble Score EBV (+0.8) – in the top 10% of the Wagyu herd outside Japan. As 1441Y’s progeny results continue to soar, his MS EBV will also soar – and perhaps, cause his sire, Yasufuku Jr, to move upward, as well.

In the most recent LMCC Sire Performance Study (July 2017), 1441Y makes his first appearance as the the highest marbling sire – albeit with only 4 images studied, above all the other sires we have studied, including Yasufuku Jr, his full sib, LMR Koichi 1409Y, his father, Kitaguni Jr, and Yojimbo. 1441Y not only ranks 1st for IMF (39.54%), but is also 1st for Marble Fineness (33.75) – ahead of both Akahige 8119U and his full sib Koichi 1409Y, Yojimbo and his father, Kitaguni Jr.

LMR Kitaguni 1441Y is free by parentage for all known Wagyu genetic defects. His SCD result is AA and Tenderness of 6.



Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM