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LMR Yoshihiro 4335B 

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LMR Yoshihiro 4335B

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Sire: Itoshigenami
Reg. #: FB19248
Tattoo: 4335B
Birth Date: Aug 2014
Cane Code:

LMR Yoshihiro 4335B is one of Lone Mountain’s younger sires – sired by Itoshigenami TF148 and LMR Yojimbo 634S as dam sire.

There are three key families in the Tajima line: Nakadoi, Okudoi and Kumanami. The Kumanami line originated in 1957 with the birth of Shigekanenami and descended from a female of the Nakadoi line. For a Hyogo Prefecture bull of its time, Shigekanenami had exceptional weight gain and an outstandingly proportioned body. His most prolific and exceptional son, Shigeshigenami, according to Kenichi Ono, produced progeny that had the best consistency of meat quality, “the meat quality is typically extraordinary”.

Itoshigenami TF148 was sired by Shigeshigenami, himself the result of a father-daughter mating. TF148 exhibits a triple cross of Shigekanenami J6109, and therefore is highly linebred in the Kumanami bloodline. He is a medium-framed bull said to weigh 1,650 pounds with excellent conformation, is being used extensively in the Lone Mountain Fullblood breeding program to induce maternal characteristics while enhancing carcass quality.

 Itoshigenami TF148 is one of the best Wagyu bulls available to breeders in the West – we strongly believe – and it is the prime reason we have used him to create several extraordinary herd sires like LMR Aoichi 2468Z, and we believe LMR Yoshihiro 4335B will live up to the rewards offered by his older sibling.

Itoshigenami TF148 is very highly thought of in BREEDPLAN computations: outstanding FTI of +$353 (the top 1% is +$308) and Marbling EBV of +1.7 (top 1% is +1.3). One of his sons, Mayura Itoshigenami Jr A0139 (dam sire, WKS Sanjirou) has an astronomical FTI (+$557) and Marbling EBV (+2.4). A0139’s genetics are closely held – so far the only time his straws have been sold at auction was in 2016 and brought $30,500 for only 10 straws. His EBVs are based on actual carcass data – 78 carcasses have been analyzed, with 94% accuracy.

More recently, a son of Mayura Itoshigenami Jr A0139 (Mayura L0010) was purchased for a record-breaking price, AU$105,000,  the highest amount ever paid for a Fullblood Wagyu bull outside Japan. Will Yoshihiro 4335B follow in (his half-sib) A0139’s hoof-prints?

4335B’s dam sire, LMR Yojimbo, was the sale topper in the initial LMR Production Sale 2008, bringing $35,000. In the 2017 LMCC Sire Performance Study, Yojimbo was ranked 3rd as a Sire for Marble Fineness (30.73 based on 18 carcass images) and ranked 4th for IMF (31.18%) – and TF148 was ranked 5th (30.73% average based on 25 images studied).

Yoshihiro 4335B has been assigned pedigree BREEDPLAN EBVs, ranking him in the top 2% for IMF EBV (+1.1) and in the top 5% Fullblood Terminal Index (FTI) (+$240).

Another half-sib of 4335B and an example of TF148’s ability is shown below (3456A). This steer was harvested at 30 months of age and was, incidentally, F11+, just like his sire.

FREE of all known Wagyu genetic defects. SCD: VV  Tenderness: 5             

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM