LMR Katsuru 4278B 

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LMR Katsuru 4278B

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Sire: World Ks Kitaguni Jr.
Reg. #: FB18232
Tattoo: 4278B
Birth Date: Jun 2014
Cane Code:

LMR Katsuru 4278B is another example of shining genetics like LMR Yasumasa 2428Z but the combination in reverse – Kitaguni Jr x Yasufuku Jr vs Yasufuku Jr x Kitaguni Jr. This breeding really needs no further introduction.

Having said that, this is another example of the perfect mating “niche” that Lone Mountain has uncovered – a combination of: the abundance of marbling from Kitaguni 7/8, the fineness of marbling from Yasufuku Jr, culminating with the rib-eye power of Sanjirou. Kenichi Ono opines that Kitaguni 7 No 8 was one of the three greatest Wagyu in all of Japan and considers Yasufuku Jr’s sire, Yasufuku J930, to be the very best of Tajima breeding.

The carcass image shown is a fine example how these genetics perform: 4278B’s half sibling: 8167U – grading 39% IMF.

Although still not in his prime, 4278B promises to be another breakout marbling success. We look forward to seeing Katsuru 4278B’s ranking as a carcass sire go sky-high as the numbers begin to roll in. He is also promising as a heifer bull with his birthweight EBV (-1.8) ranking him in the top 2% of the Wagyu herd outside Japan according to BREEDPLAN, which would indicate a high probability that his calves would be on the light side.

FREE by parentage of all known Wagyu genetic defects. SCD: AA

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM