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LMR Hiroyuki 3492A 

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LMR Hiroyuki 3492A

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Sire: Bar R Yasafuku 42K
Reg. #: FB16656
Birth Date:
Cane Code: 59KB30

LMR Hiroyuki 3492A is a prime example of the great Yasufuku lineage. Kenichi Ono considers Yasufuku Jr’s sire, Yasufuku J930, to be the very best of Tajima breeding – and says, “There is only one Yasufuku and Shigeshigenami”. Ono pronounced him the “most well-balanced bull of all Wagyu” and used the words “ultimate” and “perfection” to describe Yasufuku’s meat. In a 2009 press release by Kinki University, Yasufuku J930 was called “Sire of Hida Ushi” because he was “one of the most important sires in the history of Japanese Black Wagyu for its breeding achievements.” As such, Yasufuku was the originator of world-famous Hida-gyu (aka Hida) beef.

 Hiroyuki 3492A’s grandfather, WKS Yasufuku Jr is the #1 Sire in the 2017 Lone Mountain’s Sire Performance Study, averaging 33.34% IMF with 35 carcasses imaged and data calculated by Dr. Kuchida’s software program. Yasufuku Jr is also the leading IMF Dam Sire for IMF in our study with an average 34.11% based on 35 carcasses.

BREEDPLAN estimates that Yasufuku Jr is a Trait Leader and ranks in the top 1% of the breed for both Birth Weight EBV (-3.1) and Rump Fat EBV (+2.6). He is also a Trait Leader and ranks in the top 3% for Ribeye Area (EMA) EBV (+3.5), and in the top 2% for Rib Fat EBV (+1.5). Also, according to the 2014 US Sire Summary, 3492A’s sire, Bar R Yasufuku 42K, is ranked as the #2 Marbling Sire.

Hiroyuki 3492A’s dam, LMR Ms Michifuku 783T, is an example of a great union between two dominant Wagyu sires: WKS Michifuku and JVP Fukutsuru 068. 783T produced 15 offspring for Lone Mountain, including our premier Itoshigenami TF148 sire, LMR Aoichi 2468Z. That is a testament to her breeding power that has proven itself over time - she was a real asset to the Lone Mountain herd. 783T was sold in the 2014 LMCC Production Sale for $20,500.

 3492A’s Ribeye Area EBV (+2.6) is in the top 10% of the greater Wagyu herd outside Japan. More importantly, 3492A’s Birth Weight EBV (-1.4) ranks in the top 3%, making him an excellent Heifer Sire prospect - one would expect him to throw very lightweight calves. In addition, the double cross of Michifuku will undoubtedly aid in providing impressive carcasses from 3492A.

The patrilineal line seen here in the carcass image of LMR Yasufuku 3526A shows the descendant power of Yasufuku and Michifuku as carcass dominators. This same power we are hopeful to see fostered in the future progeny of LMR Hiroyuki 3492A.

 TESTED FREE of all known Wagyu genetic defects. SCD: AA Tenderness Score: 4

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM