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LMR Daisuke 2470Z 

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Sire: World K's Kitaguni Jr.
Reg. #: FB14968
Tattoo: 2470Z
Birth Date: Dec 2012
Cane Code: 59KB29

LMR Daisuke 2470Z represents another fine combination of World K genetics: sired by WKS Kitaguni Jr out of a WKS Sanjirou dam. Kitaguni Jr is, according to BREEDPLAN, a marbling star (MS EBV +1.4) and a heifer bull with Birth Weight EBV (-3.0) both ranking him in the top 1% of all Wagyu sires tested and WKS Sanjirou is in the top 1% for Ribeye Area EBV (+9.1) – a match made in Wagyu heaven.

WKS Kitaguni Jr, a valuable son of Kitaguni 7の8 J1530, was born October 7, 1994 shortly after WKS Nakayuki J13943, his dam, arrived in the United States (exported by the Mannett Group).

In the 2017 LMCC Sire Performance Study WKS Kitaguni Jr, with 55 carcasses studied, ranks 3rd for IMF with an average of 31.71%, following Yasufuku Jr and his own son, LMR Koichi 1409Y. And with 13 images studied as Dam Sire, Kitaguni Jr displays his staying power for IMF by ranking #2 (33.03%). And in terms of Marble Fineness Kitaguni Jr ranks 4th as both Sire and Dam Sire.

In the relatively short time Lone Mountain has used Kitaguni Jr in our breeding program, he has produced no fewer than five outstanding LMR herd sires, including LMR Koichi 1409Y (#2 Sire for IMF%) and LMR Kitaguni 1441Y (who has already produced a carcass grading 52.03% IMF).

Kitaguni Jr has been a powerhouse for Lone Mountain, producing outstanding carcasses achieving the 50% IMF range – half-sib LMR Kitaguni 8166U is shown - and Sanjirou has also fashioned high grading steers as sire (LMR Sanjirou 4203B with 36.85%) and as a dam sire (LMR Yasufuku 9310W with 42.10%).

LMR Daisuke 2470Z’s dam, LMR Ms Sanjirou 8145U, registers WKS Takazakura as her maternal grandsire – Takazakura’s paternal line reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of Tajima breeding: sired by Takaei J1412, a son of Yasufuku J930, in turn is the incomparable son of Yasutani Doi J472. What makes this line famous is excellent meat quality, large ribeye area, thick rib, and high yields. Genetic predictions of this Tajima strain have been proven time and again as accurate and well founded.

LMR Daisuke 2470Z is such a well-balanced bull he will bring success to any herd seeking great marbling carcasses with larger rib eyes. His latest BREEDPLAN figures for both Marble Score (EBV +0.9) and Eye Muscle Area (EBV +2.5) position him in the top 5 and 10% respectively on the percentile table.

FREE by parentage of all known Wagyu genetic defects. SCD: AA 6

Owned by Imperial Beef – Semen interest retained by LMCC

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM