LMR Masahiro 2422Z 

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Sire: LMR Toshiro 1/3
Reg. #: FB14922
Tattoo: 2422Z
Birth Date: Oct 2012
Cane Code:

Call office for Availablity 1-866-867-4436

LMR Masahiro 2422Z is a son of LMR Toshiro 723T, ORIgen’s top-selling FB Wagyu sire. In addition, 723T is a growth trait leader according to BREEDPLAN and with a Fullblood Terminal Index figure of +$230 (ranking him in the top 7% of FB Wagyu sires tested).

2422Z shows influence from both his paternal grandsires, Itohana 2 and Kitaguni 7の8 – as well as his dam, LMR Fumiko (Materfamilias of the Lone Mountain herd). Fumiko was the result of a mating of two of our original herd: Bar R 12P and Bar R 5P. Once more, the battery of World K’s takes center stage with Takazakura and Sanjirou influencing the path of Lone Mountain.

LMR Toshiro 9236W, half sib to 2422Z, graded 43.88% IMF – resulting in a perfectly shaped and marbled eye muscle. The flecks of marbling are uniform and consistent across the entire muscle.

Owned by Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Semen interest retained by Lone Mountain.

FREE by parentage of all known Wagyu Genetic Defects. SCD = AA

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM