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LMR Yasufuku 2416Z 

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Sire: World K's Yasufuku Jr
Reg. #: FB14916
Tattoo: 2416Z
Birth Date: Sep 2012
Cane Code: 59KB26

LMR Yasufuku 2416Z was sired by Yasufuku Jr, the #1 Sire for IMF in the 2017 LMCC Sire Performance Study, averaging 33.34% with 35 carcasses imaged and data calculated by Dr. Kuchida’s software program. Yasufuku Jr is also the leading IMF Dam Sire with an average 34.11% IMF based on 35 carcasses and the leading Dam Sire for Marble Fineness (32.48).

WKS Yasufuku Jr is a linebred bull, like his sire Yasufuku J930 traces three times to Yasumi Doi J10328. Yasufuku Jr’s dam sire, is Monjiro 11550, also sired by Yasumi Doi,. Yasufuku Jr is 100% Tajima, as was Yasufuku J930. He was born September 2, 1997 in Tottori Prefecture, Japan and exported to the US as a bull calf by the Mannett Group.

LMR Ms Kitaguni 8109U, dam of 2416Z, has contributed some great marbling to our meat program as shown in the carcass image of her daughter, LMR Ms Haruki 3564A – the older sibling of 2416Z. 8109U’s sire, Kitaguni 78, is perhaps the most famous son of Itozakura – and is known is known to pass on his  marbling ability – attested to by his winning nationwide carcass contests four years in a year: 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000; and the sire of record of the Grand Champion at the 2007 Zenkyo.

Kenichi Ono considers Yasufuku Jr’s sire, Yasufuku J930, to be the very best of Wagyu in all of Japan, saying “There is only one Yasufuku and Shigeshigenami”. Further, Ono considers Kitaguni 78 as the #3 greatest Wagyu. When offspring of these two great sires are coupled, Lone Mountain believes that extraordinary results follow, as in the case of 2416Z, confirming the “nick’ uncovered during a visit the 2007 Zenkyo (All-Japan Wagyu Competition) – and finding a copy of Ono’s Elite Wagyu of Japan. The importance of the female side of the pedigree cannot be overstated, especially when that female is sired by Kitaguni 78.

LMR Yasufuku 2416Z has a fine set of BREEDPLAN figures with a low (top 5%) Birth Weight EBV (-3.3), and top 15% for both Ribeye EBV (+2.1) and Rib Fat EBV (+0.9). Watch his Marble Scores skyrocket over the next few years as his calves begin to be harvested. 2416Z is destined to be a winner.

LMR Yasufuku 2416Z has been tested free for all known Wagyu genetic defects. His SCD result is VA and a Tenderness Score of 3.  


Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM