LMR Itomoritaka 2385Z 

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Sire: Itomoritaka J2703
Reg. #: FB14643
Tattoo: 2385Z
Birth Date: Aug 2012
Cane Code:

Call office for Availablity 1-866-867-4436

LMR Itomoritaka 2385Z was sired by renowned Westholme foundation sire Itomoritaka J2703 ETJ 002. ETJ 002 is a FB Wagyu trait leader, ranking in the top 1% for 200, 400 and 600-Day Weights – and in the top 1% for Milk, Scrotal Size and Ribeye Area (EMA) – even though he is a Carrier for CHS. And in fact, as calculated by BREEDPLAN, he even ranks in the top 5% for Marbling Fineness (EBV = +0.30)! However, note that LMR Itomoritaka 2385Z has tested FREE for all Genetic Defects.

The dam of 2385Z, LMR Ms Kitaguni 8168U, is one of Lone Mountain’s best cows – she produced 3 flushmates by Itoshigenami TF148 recently harvested, grading: 41.0%, 42.86%, and 27.8% - . 8168U’s dam (2385Z’ maternal grand-dam) is BR Ms Yasufuku 0645, another of Lone Mountain’s star females –LMR Taisuke 401B, is a half-sib mating with 0645 on top and bottom of his pedigree and exemplifies 0645’s greatest qualities: 10 calves have been harvested (average = 33.36% IMF), including 6 steers grading over 30% and one son that graded 50.2% (LMR Kitaguni 8166U).

Kenichi Ono considers Yasufuku J930 to be the greatest FB Wagyu in all of Japan and considers Kitaguni 7の8 to be third on his list. When the offspring of these two sires are coupled, Lone Mountain is convinced that extraordinary results follow, like we see in 0645. “Breeding the Best to the Best” is our watchword. And that is a consequence of the breeding of LMR Ms Kitaguni 8168U thus leading to the creation of LMR Itomoritaka 2385Z.

2385Z is a extraordinarily well-balanced young bull with great carcass potential based on his pedigree. His Ribeye Area (EMA) EBV of +3.1, and Birthweight EBV, both rank him in the top 5% of the FB Wagyu sires calculated by BREEDPLAN, speaks to his as yet unrealized but probable capabilities, especially in the area of being able to produce outstanding females (like his dam and grand-dam).

TESTED FREE of all known Wagyu Defects SCD: VA.

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM

Imperial Beef