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LMR Michiro 0193X 

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LMR Michiro 0193X

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Sire: World K's Haruki-2
Reg. #: FB13473
Tattoo: 193X
Birth Date:
Cane Code:

LMR Michiro 0193X is an outstanding example of a Haruki II son. Haruki II is a multiple growth trait leader from World K’s bull battery (including Sanjirou, Michifuku, Shigeshigetani). LMR Michiro 0193X sports a Frame Score of 6.7, while ranking in the top 11% of Wagyu sires for Birth Weight EBV.  

His dam is another Gerry Pittenger project and one of Lone Mountain’s foundation females, BR Ms Itomichi-0602 3655. She brings sound Takeda influence with the inclusion of several important stalwarts in the Wagyu empire: Itomichi 1-2, Kikuyasu 400, Monjiro and TF Kikuhana.

 LMR Michiro 0193X has all the makings of another outstanding, high yielding, Lone Mountain-bred sire. He has a tendency to produce easy calving, lower birth weight calves - but they grow like steam, quickly exhibiting above average growth. He is what we call a curve bender.

LMR Michiro 0193X has an exemplary set of BREEDPLAN figures for growth. He is in the top 5% for Gestation Length EBV (-1.2) and Carcass Weight EBV (+26), and just shy of top 10% for Birth Weight EBV (-0.3). He is in top 25% for all three growth traits and Rib Fat EBV (+0.7), top 20% for Milk EBV (+4), and top 15% for Rump Fat EBV (+1.6). An exceptional, well balanced maternally driven sire with frame. We are confident he will continue to prove himself by passing on those all-important genes to produce pounds of exceptional beef.

LMR Michiro 0193X is free by pedigree for all known Wagyu genetic defects. His SCD result is VA and Tenderness of 5.  

Owned by Imperial Beef. Semen interest retained by Lone Mountain.


Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM

Imperial Beef