LMR Masahiko 1250Y 

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LMR Masahiko 1250Y

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Sire: World K's Yasufuku JR
Reg. #: FB14622
Tattoo: 1250Y
Birth Date: Jun 2011
Cane Code: 259KB1037

LMR Masahiko 1250Y is Lone Mountain’s go-to Yasufuku Jr herd sire, having sired 45 calves in his tenure thus far. WKS Yasufuku Jr has shown us the fineness, richness, and abundance of his marbling ability: he leads Lone Mountain’s 2017 Sire Performance Study, as both sire and dam sire. WKS Yasufuku Jr averages 33.34% IMF with 35 carcasses imaged and data calculated by Dr. Kuchida’s software program. Yasufuku Jr is also the leading Dam Sire for IMF (34.11% based on 35 carcass images) and the leading Dam Sire for Marble Fineness (32.48).

LMR Masahiko 1250Y’s dam sire is another power player in BR Itomichi-0602 4632, another great example from the Blue Rock (BR2) bull battery. In the 2017 LMCC Sire Performance Study, BR Itomichi-0602 4632 topped the Ribeye Area report for Dam Sire, with 14.86”2 based on 11 carcasses imaged and studied.

1250Y’s ability as a calving-ease sire is evidenced by his Birth Weight EBV (-0.2 vs. the breed average of +1.0 with an accuracy of 87%). 1250Y’s Ribeye (EMA) EBV has been calculated as +3.2, ranking him in the top 5% of the Wagyu breed outside Japan. He also sports an SCD AA.

LMR Masahiko 1250Y is free by parentage for all known Wagyu genetic defects. His SCD result is AA and Tenderness of 5.  


Owners Information:

Lone Creek Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM