BCKST Black Dynasty Z420 ET 

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BCKST Black Dynasty Z420 ET

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Sire: JN Balder 9405
Reg. #: HB003405
Tattoo: Z420
Birth Date: Jan 2012
Cane Code: 237BH0001

outstanding genetic package

Black Dynasty was purchased in 2013 as a yearling bull. He was the all-time high-selling Black Hereford. Just as predicted, he has become one of the most outstanding genetic packages ever developed in the Black Hereford breed.

A moderate frame with a smooth and clean front has made him a calving-ease sensation. His length, thickness and depth along with being big in the hip have made his calves standouts in both commercial and in registered Black Herefords herds. He is extremely docile and perfectly marked with great eye pigmentation.

His daughters have been thick with great udders while still retaining that desired feminine appearance.

His semen quality has been exemplified as conception rates soared in herds where he has been heavily used.

Black Dynasty ranks in the top 10% of the breed for low Birth Weight and Milk as well as in the top 20% of the breed for yearling weights.

Being homozygous black is another advantage to Dynasty. Breeders who have crossbred cattle can be assured that he will produce those highly sought after black hided and Black Baldy calves.

The popularity of the American Black Hereford continues to grow . Cattlemen everywhere are taking advantage of the benefits and endless breeding combinations they have to offer. The sale of Dynasty's progeny has now reached well over $250,000.

Commercial cattlemen and registered breeders alike are raving about the style he is adding to their calves. He is truly one of a kind.




Owners Information:

Baxter Angus Farm
Rockham, SD

Triple T Farms
Nancy, KY

Tiple C Black Herefords
Florence, AL

R & R Black Hereford
Arab, AL

Shelby Farms
Russell Springs, KY