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LMR Yasumasa 2428Z 

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LMR Yasumasa 2428Z

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Sire: World K's Yasufuku Jr
Reg. #: FB14930
Birth Date: Oct 2012
Cane Code:

LMR Yasumasa 2428Z represents the mating “nick” that Lone Mountain has uncovered, combining the abundance of marbling from WKS Kitaguni Jr with the fineness and richness of marbling from WKS Yasufuku Jr.

The grandsires on both sides of the pedigree, Yasufuku J930 and Kitaguni 7/8, have been identified, admired and revered by Kenichi Ono who named them Number 1 and Number 3 greatest Wagyu in Japan, respectively.

We are privileged in the West to have proven sons of such caliber from these two major sires of the Black Wagyu breed and the coupling of the two often results in extraordinary animals Lone Mountain has seen the signs of achievement on a spectacular scale.

Even though 2428Z is a Carrier of CL-16 like his sire WKS Yasufuku Jr and his grandsire Yasufuku J930, he shows great promise, and Lone Mountain has used him as a natural service sire with great success.

A Carrier animal shows no physical symptoms of disease and appear normal since two copies of the recessive allele must be present before an animal shows symptoms of the recessive disease.

As long as the heifers and cows that are mated to 2428Z are not CL-16 Carriers, there is no possibility of producing an Affected Calf.

Although he has not yet reached his prime, 2428Z has a bright future ahead of him as evidenced by the result of the ribeye image of his half sibling LMR Yasufuku 3487A who is also out of Kitaguni Jr dam and showed an outstanding IMF of 44.89% and was also a Carrier of the CL-16 allele.

We anticipate great carcass results to be reported from the abattoir from 2428Z and he has the ideal set of BREEDPLAN figures  for breeding heifers and is above breed average for Marble Score.

TESTED FREE for the F11, B3, and CHS recessive genetic allele, a Carrier of CL-16.


Tenderness 6 

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM