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LMR Aoichi 2468Z 

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LMR Aoichi 2468Z

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Sire: Itoshigenami
Reg. #: FB14967
Tattoo: 2468Z
Birth Date: Oct 2012
Cane Code: 259KB1040

LMR Aoichi 2468Z is comparable to the mating the Australian Wagyu Sire Research Project has uncovered as the finest of the highly marbling sires: Itoshigenami TF148 out of a Monjiro-line dam (Sanjirou), named Mayura Itoshigenami Jnr A0139. An A0139 ET son (Mayura L0010) was bought for a record-breaking AU$ 105,000 at the May 2017 Australian Elite Wagyu Sale. It surpasses the 10 straws of semen from Mayura Itoshigenami Jr that sold in May 2016 in Australia for the amazing figure: AU$30,500.

There are three key families in the Tajima line: Nakadoi, Okudoi and Kumanami. A bull named Shigeshigenami is the reason the Kumanami line is on that elite list. Itoshigenami TF148 was sired by Shigeshigenami – a double cross of Shigekanenami and therefore highly inbred in the Kumanami bloodline – the result of a father-daughter mating.

Shigeshigenami’s family has extremely potent marbling genes. He is widely known for significantly bolstering the quality of Wagyu in the Miyagi Prefecture. In fact, Kenichi Ono, author of Outstanding Wagyu of Japan, describes Shigeshigenami as the bull most representative of “meat-quality Wagyu.” Assets include a high degree of marbling and a high probability of good characteristics being passed down to progeny. David Blackmore, renowned Australian Wagyu producer, who has written concisely and admirably about Itoshigenami TF148 believes him to be one of the very best bulls ever exported from Japan.

Itoshigenami is a medium-framed bull said to weigh 1,650 pounds with excellent conformation, he is 75% Tajima and 25% Itozakura and is being used extensively in the Lone Mountain Fullblood breeding program to induce maternal characteristics while enhancing carcass quality. Itoshigenami is one of the best Wagyu bulls available to breeders in the West – we strongly believe – and it is the prime reason we have used him to create several extraordinary herd sires, especially LMR Aoichi 2468Z.

Lone Mountain picked LMR Aoichi 2468Z out of seven flush mates to be our primary TF148 sire. 2468Z ranks in the top 5% for IMF EBV (+1.1) and in the top 10% FTI ($220) in the most current BREEDPLAN report. LMR Aoichi 2468Z’s dam, LMR Ms Michifuku 783T was sold in the 2014 Production Sale for $20,500. 783T has also produced another LMR sire – LMR Hiroyuki 3492A by Bar R Yasufuku 42K.

Aoichi 2468Z has produced 53 progeny for Lone Mountain so far (May 2017) in his young career and currently employed as a brilliant herd sire. Half-sib 0181X is pictured above.

TESTED FREE of all known Wagyu Genetic Defects. SCD = VA Tenderness = 8

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM