MC Speckle Park 1086X 

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Sire: Codiak Crikey GNK 13U (2851-PB)
Reg. #: F1086X
Birth Date: Mar 2010
Cane Code:

...diversified herd sire

A very impressive stout individual that is exceptional well balanced and level made. 1086X is very correct in his structure and athletic in his movement. He is a sire that you can not only use to substantially improve your purebred herd but he also offers a ton of Hybrid Vigor attributes focusing on carcass quality.

Birth weight for 1086X calves has been in the mid 70# range.   Calves have come without assistance and   are vigorous at birth.  

Initial ultrasound data for 1086X crossbred calves from Angus and Hereford cows suggest that IMF will be above 4%.

The Speckle Park is a unique British beef polled outcross breed.   The cattle are of moderate size, but are deep with a strong beef pattern.  Color pattern is mostly black/white with spots.  A percentage are black.  Dispositions are good.  Carcass quality is exceptional.  Registrations are maintained by International and Canadian  breed registry associations. 

The cattle were developed in Canada under harsh conditions with sources from Shorthorn, Angus and White Park beef breeds.  The cattle are efficient converters, even with limited feed resource conditions.  Speckle Park is a strong maternal breed.  The milk is rich.  Calving ease and calf vigor are added values.  Carcass traits are exceptional, with added marbling and tenderness as notable breed advantages.  Speckle Park cattle have captured international attention in multiple Canadian and Australian carcass evaluations.  Speckle Park beef has been sought after by consumers wherever it has been available.


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Owners Information:

McMurry Cattle
Billings, MT