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LMR Hiro 0195X 

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Sire: World K's Haruki-2
Reg. #: FB11484
Tattoo: LMR0195X
Birth Date: Sep 2010
Cane Code: 259KB1024

LMR Hiro 0195X is out of the outstanding World K’s bull, WKS Haruki II. 0915X has an Inbreeding Coefficient of 16% - the result of intensive linebreeding to Monjiro. He is a young, potent and powerful bull, and was used heavily as a Lone Mountain fullblood herd bull before being sold to Imperial Beef.

In Kenichi Ono’s influential Elite Wagyu of Japan, Monjiro is listed as the #7 Sire. Monjiro’s sire was the legendary Yasumi-Doi. In 1982, when Monjiro was just one year of age, he won the #2 spot at the Zenkyo (All-Japan Wagyu show). Monjiro was auctioned for $160,000 and was better in his prime (in Ono’s estimation) than both Yasufuku and Shigeshigenami were at their peaks. 0195X traces back to Monjiro in three of the four branches of the pedigree tree.

0195X’s dam sire, WKS Sanjirou, has the potential to become one of the most influential sires of the Tajima line, having great meat quality, large ribeye area, thick rib and high yields.

LMR Hiro 0195X has an exemplary set of BREEDPLAN figures. With 72% Tajima and 12% Kedaka genetics, 0195X has the potential to add great carcass characteristics to his offspring as shown in the most recent BREEDPLAN results. LMR Hiro 0195X ranks in the top 5% for REA with an EBV (+3.4) and Retail Beef Yield EBV (+1.0), and in the top 10% for Carcass Weight EBV (+23). He is also positioned in the top 15% for Marble Score EBV (+0.7). 0195X’s Fullblood Terminal Index (+$250) ranks him in the top 5% of the breed outside Japan.

The marriage between the Tajima and Kedaka lines can produce great carcass quality and growth. With 25 progeny so far, and counting, we fully expect Hiro’s results and the accompanying numbers to skyrocket. His carcass progeny rank him as one of the elite sires used in the Lone Mountain meat program (prior to his sale to Imperial Beef).  As evidence of the quality of his progeny, the imaged ribeye of LMR Hiro 3596A is shown with an outstanding 42.72% IMF.

His semen is qualified for export to: Australia, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Panama, South Africa and others. Inquire at ORIgen for further information.

LMR Hiro 0195X has been tested free for all known Wagyu genetic defects. His SCD result is VA and Tenderness of 7. 

Owned by Imperial Beef. Semen interest retained by Lone Mountain.


Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle LLC
Golden, NM 

Imperial Beef