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LMR Sensei 817T 

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Sire: Itozurudoi TF 151
Reg. #: FB8615
Tattoo: 817T
Birth Date:
Cane Code: 259KB1033

LMR Sensei 817T is a son of Itozurudoi TF151, the great carcass bull, and out of an Itoshigenami TF148 dam.

Itozurudoi TF151’s sire, Itokitatsuru J1081 (Tottori), was a son of Dai 7 Itozakura (brother to Kitaguni 7-8 J1530, Itomichi J1158, Itofuji J483, Itofuji J1711, Itohana J809, among many others). In addition to TF151, Itokitatsuru J1081 also sired Itohirashige J1555, who sired Itomoritaka J2703 ETJ002. Itokitatsuru is mentioned several times in Volume III of Ono’s tome, and referred to as one of Dai 7’s most famous progeny.

Itozurudoi TF151 has an extremely big frame, weighing 2,420 lbs, and carries early maturing traits that produce great Fullblood mothers with excellent milk. He is also the best marbling bull of the Fujiyoshi bloodlines, anecdotally. By the time his progeny was tested and his value was discovered, Itozurudoi TF151 was deceased, leaving a very limited supply of semen. BREEDPLAN figures for Itozurudoi TF151 attest his immense regard: he is a Trait Leader and in the top 2-3% for Milk EBV (+8). He is in the top 1% for Marble Fineness EBV (+0.55). His influence is felt with LMR Akahige 8119U – see one of his heifers (4200B) – as well as Sensei 817T .

Itoshigenami TF148 was sired by Shigeshigenami – a double cross of Shigekanenami and therefore highly inbred in the Kumanami bloodline – the result of a father-daughter mating. The Shigeshigenami family is known for extremely potent marbling genes and is used to induce maternal traits while enhancing carcass quality. In fact, Kenichi Ono, author of Elite Wagyu of Japan, describes Shigeshigenami as the bull most representative of “meat-quality Wagyu.”

Itoshigenami is a medium-framed bull said to weigh 1,650 pounds with excellent conformation, he is 75% Tajima and 25% Itozakura and is being used extensively in the Lone Mountain Fullblood breeding program to induce maternal characteristics while enhancing carcass quality.  Itoshigenami is one of the best Wagyu bulls available to breeders in the West – we strongly believe – and it is the prime reason we have used him to create several extraordinary herd sires: e. g., see LMR Aoichi 2468Z. TF148 has an astounding Fullblood Feedlot Index of +$375 ranking him in the top 1% of 208 Fullblood Wagyu sires calculated by BREEDPLAN, and +1.8 EBV for Marbling ranking him in the top 1%: he is the 3rd highest sire tested.


LMR Sensei 817T has an admirable set of BREEDPLAN figures; low birth, high milk, moderate growth and excellent carcass with finishing ability. He is in the top 5% for Marble Fineness EBV (+0.35) and Rib Fat EBV (+1.4); top 10% for Milk EBV (+6); and top 15% for Marble Score EBV (+0.7). He is a well-balanced “Group C” sire with commendable carcass attributes.

His semen is qualified for US, Mexico and South Africa.

LMR Sensei 817T has been tested free for all known Wagyu genetic defects. His SCD result is VA and a Tenderness Score of 5. 

Owned by Imperial Beef


Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co.
Golden, NM