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LMR Kenichi 807T 

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Sire: Michifuku
Reg. #: FB8608
Tattoo: 807T
Birth Date: Dec 2007
Cane Code: 259KB1025

LMR Kenichi 807T is a 2007-born WKS Michifuku son, exhibiting top ribeye and growth. 807T is a brilliant composite bull, a Tajima/Itozakura/Shimane cross. Sired by Michifuku, the superb, 100% Tajima carcass sire imported from Japan, Kenichi 807T was named in honor of the exceptional writer Kenichi Ono (who wrote the classic text on Wagyu, Elite Wagyu of Japan).

 807T’s sire, WKS Michifuku was sired by Monjiro 11550, listed by Kenichi Ono as #7 on his list of the top 15 most outstanding Wagyu of Japan. Monjiro, sired by Yasumi Doi J10328, was born March 15, 1981 in Hyogo Prefecture and was the 11th calf by his dam, Harumi. Monjiro, originally named Harutoshi 2, was just a yearling when he won the number two spot at the Zenkyo (All-Japan Wagyu Show) and was auctioned for $160,000. Michifuku’s dam, Michiko J655635, was sired by Tanishige 1526, grandsired by Yasutani Doi J472 and great-grandsired by Yasumi Doi J10328.

 807T’s maternal side is linebred to Dai 7 Itozakura, a Japanese bull listed as the #2 Sire, following only Yasufuku J930 in Ono’s tome. 807T’s grand-dam sire, Kenryu is a highly regarded bull from Shimane Prefecture. His dam, WKS Nakazakura, is a half-sib of Jerry Reeves’ highly regarded Bar R Nakagishiro 56T.  

LMR Kenichi 807T has 34 progeny recorded with the US registry. In Australia 25 offspring of LMR Kenichi 807T have been analyzed in BREEDPLAN. 807T’s influence when bred over Shigeshigetani-sired females have performed well (pictured).

LMR Kenichi 807T has a worthy set of carcass BREEDPLAN figures. He is top 1% for Rib Fat EBV (+2.1), and Rump Fat EBV (+4.2) and in the top 5% for Ribeye Area EBV (+3.6). Noting his SCD Tenderness grade of VA 10, 807T is the sire of record for LMR Hayao 5549C, an AA 10 Sire, also listed in this guide.

His nickname – Dynamite – was given to 807T by the staff for his scrappiness when other bulls encroach on his turf.

He is qualified for US, Mexico and South Africa sales only.

LMR Kenichi 807T has been tested free for all known Wagyu genetic defects. His SCD result is VA and a Tenderness Score of 10. 


Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Co
Golden, NM