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Bar R 12P Takazakura 

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Sire: BAR R Takaakura 1 K
Reg. #: FB5665
Tattoo: JJR12P
Birth Date: Nov 2003
Cane Code: 154KB034

BAR R 12P Takazakura was the first bull purchased by Lone Mountain, in 2005, from Jerry Reeves, Bar R Cattle Company. A classically balanced bull, Bar R 12P is comprised of 54% Tajima-traced genes with the remainder being growth and maternal genetics.

12P’s sire, Bar R Takazakura 1K is ranked #4 for Carcass Weight and is tied with Bar R Shigeshigetani 30T in Marbling EPDs (#8) in the 2014 WSU Sire Summary. He is double-crossed to Fukutsuru JVP068 – the #1 Marbling US FB Wagyu Sire according to that same summary produced by Washington State University.

In the 2017 LMCC Sire Performance Study, 12P Takazakura ranks as the number 3 Dam Sire for Ribeye Area (14.33”2) based on 9 carcass images. BAR R 12P Takazakura has a balanced set of BREEDPLAN figures for growth with impressive carcass data. He is positioned in the top value of the percentile band for Rib Fat EBV (+2.8) and Rump Fat EBV (+4.4). These results would indicate a strong relationship to finishing ability, early maturity, and improvement in fertility (increased cycling prevalence).

BAR R 12P Takazakura’s untimely death in 2007 (from noxious weed poisoning) was a loss to the Lone Mountain herd, but his influence lives on with many successful progeny and grand progeny, delivering a balance that we seek in this breed.

There exists an extremely limited supply of semen.

TESTED FREE of all known Wagyu Genetic conditions.

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Company
Golden, NM