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Bar R 12P Takazakura 

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Sire: BAR R Takaakura 1 K
Reg. #: FB5665
Tattoo: JJR12P
Birth Date: Nov 2003
Cane Code: 154KB034

BAR R 12P Takazakura was the first bull purchased by Lone Mountain in 2005, from Jerry Reeves, Bar R Cattle Company.

A classically balanced bull, Bar R 12P is comprised of 54% Tajima-traced genes with the remainder being growth and maternal genetics.

12P’s sire, Bar R Takazakura 1K was ranked Number 4 for Carcass Weight and was tied with Bar R Shigeshigetani 30T in Marbling EPDs at Number 8 in the 2014 WSU Sire Summary.

12P is double-crossed to Fukutsuru JVP068 – the Number 1 Marbling US FB Wagyu Sire according to the 2104 summary produced by Washington State University.

In the 2017 LMCC Sire Performance Study, 12P Takazakura ranks as the Number 3 Dam Sire for Ribeye Area  at 14.33 sq inches based on nine carcass images.

BAR R 12P Takazakura has a balanced set of BREEDPLAN figures for growth with impressive carcass data.

These results would indicate a strong relationship to finishing ability, early maturity, and improvement in fertility through increased cycling prevalence.

BAR R 12P Takazakura’s untimely death in 2007 from noxious weed poisoning was a loss to the Lone Mountain herd, but his influence lives on with many successful progeny and grandprogeny, delivering the balance that Lone Mountain seeks from this breed.

There exists an extremely limited supply of semen.

TESTED FREE of all known Wagyu genetic defects.

Owners Information:

Lone Mountain Cattle Company
Golden, NM