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Introducing OET Serum-Free IVF Embryos – another option for OET customers!

OET Now Offers the Choice of Embryos Produced in Traditional IVF Media or OET Serum-Free Media

Why Consider OET Serum-Free IVF Embryos?
Higher conception rates from both fresh and frozen embryos and reduced risks of large IVF calves at birth

Embryo transfer customers traditionally measure the success of an IVF aspiration or a conventional embryo flush by the number of fertilized embryos produced from the procedure, but there is more to the story.

OET is pleased to now offer our customers the choice of having oocytes fertilized and developed in conventional IVF media that will likely yield a higher percentage of fertilized embryos or fertilized and developed in OET Serum-Free media that early results indicate will produce higher conception rates and reduce or eliminate the risk of abnormally large IVF calves at birth.

The use of fetal calf serum in traditional IVF media has been proven to increase the percentage of oocytes that are fertilized in the IVF lab, but that increased yield often results in lower conception rates in the field. Even more importantly, it significantly increases the risk of IVF calves that are born with heavier birth weights than their genetics would predict.

Reductions in the yield percentages of oocytes that are fertilized in the lab using OET Serum-Free IVF media and procedures appears very likely to be offset by increased conception and more total live, healthy and normal IVF calves from your valuable donors.

Early results from the testing of embryos produced using the OET Serum-Free media indicate as much as a 20% conception advantage over IVF embryos produced in our lab using the conventional medias that include fetal calf serum. These preliminary results also support the expectation that frozen OET Serum-Free IVF embryos will produce conception rates that are very comparable to fresh implanted OET Serum-Free IVF embryos and significantly superior to traditional direct-thaw IVF embryos.

ORIgen Embryo Technologies offers aspiration services on the farm or ranch as frequently as intervals of two weeks with the opportunity for aspirations as soon as three weeks post-partum and as late as 120 days following pregnancy to give your valuable donors the maximum number of opportunities to produce embryos without the use of super-ovulation drugs or multiple stressful trips through the chute.

OET IVF embryos can be shipped from the lab for fresh implant or frozen for direct thaw implants and charges are a flat rate per embryo for the aspiration and lab services with only additional cost of technician travel for on-site oocyte collection and shipping charges for oocytes to the lab and embryos from the lab to the implant site.

We are also excited to announce the opening of the new OET IVF lab. The “state of the art” lab, built to human IVF lab specifications, features an advanced ventilation system and quality control measures that allow OET to obtain maximum control of the culture environment to minimize risks to the oocytes from our customers’ most valuable donors. No IVF service provider does more to protect and multiply our customers’ elite genetic material.

Jack Holden, owner and operator of Holden Herefords reports 60% conception with the first OET Serum-Free IVF embryos implanted fresh from his great donors!

OET is Committed to Generating More Live, Healthy and Normal IVF Calves from Your Top Donors!

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