ORIgen Embryo Technologies

ORIgen Embryo Technologies, formerly known as In Vitro ORIgen, has been in business since 2013. Our goal is to provide in vitro fertilization, IVF, services to customers at a low, flat-rate fee, based on embryo production. Our technician travels to your farm or ranch to perform the OPU, reducing stress on your valuable donor females and adding convenience to you. ORIgen Embryo Technologies provides convenient, cost-effective services to advance your genetics.

EVEN THOUGH WE CHANGED OUR NAME, you can still expect the same satisfaction and same list of services.

• ORIgen Embryo Technologies lab operation is located in Huntley, Montana.

• Commercial scale IVF protocol tailored to your needs, no matter your size.

• Flat rate charges based on embryos produced.

• No super-ovulation procedures, or added stress measures to donors.

• Turn generations faster by producing embryos from heifer calves, pregnant cows, and early calved cows alike.

• Oocytes can be collected every two weeks.

• Embryos can be put in fresh or they can be frozen direct transfer. They will be shipped from the lab, and are viable and ready for immediate implant.

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Office: 1-866-867-4436 or 406-348-2345
Fax: 406-348-2346
Southeast of Billings, Montana
1-90 Exit 469
10 West Arrow Creek Road, Huntley, Montana 59037