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Bulls In Stud Week Of 6-12-2018

Be sure to stop by ORIgen to see what is currently in stud. We have some great sires being housed and collected at ORIgen with many different breeds being represented. Click on the link below to view the list of sires currently housed at ORIgen in Huntley, MT. Also we are excited to announce we have a tour website. When you stop in at Origen be sure to visit www.origenbulltour.com to view each bull along with their pedigrees and other information.

ORIgen is an easy 20 minute drive from the Billings, Montana airport. If you are in the area we encourage you to stop in and see the bulls 8-5 Monday-Friday, or to schedule a personalized tour by appointment after hours or on the weekends call the office at 406-348-2345.

Bulls in Stud week of 6-12-2018

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6-1-2018 ORIgen AN sires Genomic Percentile Rankings

6-1-18 ORIgen AN sires Genomic Percentile Rankings

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June 1, 2018 release of the Fall 2018 updated American Angus Association NCE database

The June 1, 2018 release of the Fall 2018 updated American Angus Association NCE database was another great day for ORIgen Angus sires!

Among 12,189 active Angus sires with a breed average or better Birth Weight EPD, the ORIgen sires 2S Top Ten, SydGen Enhance and MW DNAmite rank as THREE of the top FIVE of that active Angus sire sort for $Beef value index!

ORIgen sires EXAR Monumental 6056B, SydGen FATE 2800, ECO Lombardi 1512, EXAR Hi-Tech 4769B, 3F Epic 4631, Welytok Mr All American 5C31, Welytok Campaign 5C23, SF Speedway A187 and Schiefelbein Snapchat 1094 complete the 12 ORIgen sires among the top 100 sires that combine moderate birth weight genetics with excellence in the bio-economic growth and end product index. That is 12% of an elite sort that ALL have semen available online at ORIgenbeef.org.

Among a second elite sort of 45 active sires that rank top 1% of the population for BOTH $Weaned calf value index and $Beef value index, the ORIgen sire ECO Lombardi records the Number 2 $W index and CCA New Design A42 records the Number 2 $B index.

They are joined in that elite sort by the ORIgen sires Welytok Mr All American 5C31, MW DNAmite, BV South Point 6007 and EXAR Epic 6072B to give ORIgen more than 13% of the bulls that excel at the points where beef cattle are measured and sold by the pound.

See all the ORIgen sires’ Fall 2018 updated EPD data and order semen online at ORIgenbeef.org

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An ORIgen Living Legacy


Born on January 25, 2008 as the third calf from a Hoover foundation female that would go on to qualify as a Pathfinder Dam, this top-selling bull of the 2009 Hoover Angus sale arrived at ORIgen on February 10, 2009, two weeks after his first birthday.

Hoover Dam has been the “icon of ORIgen” for more than nine years and is still sound, athletic and collecting twice each week at ten years of age as a “hundred-year winter” concludes at ORIgen. 

Hoover Dam has been successfully collected 1,038 times producing 227,876 units of high quality semen as of May 10, 2018 for an average of 268 units from each collection that passed the stringent QC standards of the ORIgen production lab.

As of May 10, 2018, there have 213,178 units of semen from Hoover Dam sold through the ORIgen marketing system with 11,519 A.I. certificates sold to register progeny of Hoover Dam in the American Angus Association. Sons of Hoover Dam can be found in major seedstock programs in both the Angus and Simmental breeds and he is an icon of a high level of reliability in both breeds.

Another 5,000 units of semen sold, which certainly could happen in the balance of 2018, will push Hoover Dam over $4,000,000 in semen sales and with his current total of more than $450,000 in A.I. certificate sales expected to continue higher, a lifetime total of semen and certificate sales of $5,000,000 is not an unrealistic expectation.

As of this writing, Hoover Dam has 15,627 Angus progeny with AHIR weaning records and 6,905 progeny with ultrasound scan records and 4,185 daughters with AHIR progeny records. In the 2018 Pathfinder Report, 7.5% of the 1,314 Hoover Dam daughters that have three calves with weaning records have been named a Pathfinder Dam, the fourth highest percentage among sires with 1,000 or more eligible daughters.  

In the May 11, 2018 American Angus Association genomic-enhanced NCE, Hoover Dam ranks top 10% of the population for Rib Eye area measure EPD and $Grid value index, top 15% for Marbling score EPD and $EN, the index expressed in dollar savings per cow per year that assesses differences in cow energy requirements with a Birth Weight EPD, Docility score EPD and $Beef value that are all among the top 20% of the population. 

In the May 2018 Angus Australia Breedplan database, Hoover Dam has 586 progeny analyzed in 63 different herds with 224 head scanned, 135 head scored for docility and 83 daughters with progeny data. Ranking among the top 5% of the Australia and New Zealand Angus population for %Calving Ease Direct EBV, Birth Weight EBV and Domestic $value Index, with a top 10% ranking for Eye Muscle Area, a top 15% ranking for Angus Breeding $value Index and Heavy Grass $value Index, his top 20% rank for %Retail Beef Yield along with a top 25% rank for Heavy Grain $value Index, %Calving Ease Daughter EBV, Scrotal Size EBV and Days to Calving EBV. Combined with his top 30% Docility score EBV and top 35% %IMF EBV, Hoover Dam with his better than breed average Rib Fat EBV remains a top choice for continued widespread use in these beef producing countries that focus breeding and selection decisions upon performance on grass and forage.

In the American Simmental Association herd book as of this writing, Hoover Dam has more than 500 progeny included in the ASA-IGS National Cattle Evaluation and ranks top 2% of their multi-breed evaluation for Stayability EPD, Marbling score EPD and hot Carcass Weight EPD with a top 10% ranking for both Birth Weight EPD and All Purpose Index (API) in their most recent BOLT genomic-enhanced EPD summary on May 7, 2018.

Hoover Dam has set and broken every production and sales record in the fifteen-year history of ORIgen and he truly epitomizes the “Breeder to Breeder Genetic Services” concept that is the foundation upon which the success of ORIgen has been built.

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5-10-18 ORIgen Angus Genomic Percentile Summary

Below is the current Genomic Percentile Summary for all ORIgen Angus sires as of 5-10-2018.

CLICK to view the 5-10-18 ORIgen AN Genomic Percentile Summary


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ORIgen top 1% Simmental Sires week of 5-7-2018

Click image to view complete list on mobile device.

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New Weekly ASA EPD Update week of 5-7-2018

CLICK to view ORIgen AGR SM 5-1-18 with 1%

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Angus & Hereford EPD updates 4-20-2018

Below you will find the top 1% Angus sire sorts of the AAA database of active sires and non parent bulls for several measures are attached for your information. Also include below at the Hereford EPD updates for the week.

CLICK to view 4-20-18 ORIgen AN sires

CLICK to view 4.16.18 ORI AHA EPD Update

Bulls that rank in the top 10% for a trait are highlighted in green color and those in the top 1% are highlighted in gold color. The most current results for the Developmental Duplication are included in this spreadsheet. Semen from the ORIgen trait leaders can be ordered online. Make your order today!

4-20-18 ORIgen AN sire progeny averages

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2018 Allied Semen Guide

The 2018 Allied Semen Guide is now available. ORIgen is excited to continue our partnership with Allied Genetic Resources in 2018. Order any Allied sire from ORIgen by calling 1-866-867-4436 or by ordering online at www.ORIgenBeef.org.

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Vision Overdrive 7001

Breed: Angus
Reg #: 18950407
SIRE: S A V Ten Speed 3022
MGS: SITZ Logic Y46
Chosen the Grand Champion Bull of the first ever Commercial Bull Show at the 2018 National Western held in conjunction with the commercial female competition there, this son of the $260,000 top-selling bull of his calf crop at Schaffs Angus Valley was the $20,000 top-selling bull of the 2018 Vision Angus Sale.
Produced by a dam that stacks the calving ease leaders Sitz Logic and Final Answer, this impressive individual ranks top 1% of the population for Calving Ease Direct score EPD and Calving Ease Maternal EPD while combining a Birth Weight EPD among the best 3% of the non-parent population with a top 4% ranking for $Feedlot value index.
Offering a balanced combination of the basics of beef production, Overdrive ranks top 10% for $Weaned calf value index, $Beef value index, Yearling Weight EPD and maternal Milk EPD with a top 15% rank for Rib Eye area measure EPD, Residual Average Daily Gain EPD and percent Heifer Pregnancy EPD to cover all the bases.
As the Grand Champion of the show sponsored by ORIgen, Overdrive is currently being collected at ORIgen and semen from this promising prospect is available from the bull owners, ORIgen or ORIgenbeef.org.
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