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NEW Semen Tank Inventory Book

To keep track of what you have in your tank once you buy semen, take a look at our new Semen Tank Inventory book. We have created the inventory book to be not only a place to keep track of your bull semen inventory but to also be a resource for you. We have included things like a gestation table, instructions for tank care and a place to record your nitrogen fill-ups. There are also instructions on how to handle semen when you’re thawing it. There are also 13 pages for you to keep track of 65 canes.

Click here to order your Semen Tank Inventory book!

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EPD Updates

Sort the ORIgen Angus and Simmental bulls by their current EPDs, accuracies, and percentile rankings.
Click the links below to download the spreadsheets.

4-5-19 ORIgen AN update
4-5-19 ASA

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Bulls currently at ORIgen

Click the link below to see what bulls we currently have at stud. We have some of the hottest bulls in the industry ranging all the way from the household names of SydGen Enhance and BUBS Southern Charm to this spring’s freshman class of top selling bulls. Be sure to stop by ORIgen to take a look at these bulls. Tours available Monday through Friday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. MDT.


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Genomic Percentile Ranks 3.27.2019

Click on the link below to sort the Angus bulls on their genomic percentile rankings.

Genomic Percentile Rankings_3.27.2019

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1/11/19 Angus EPD Update

Click the link below to see the current EPDs for our Angus bulls. Use this sortable spreadsheet to find your next AI sire!

Copy of 1-11-19 ORIgen AN update

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ABS AI School

PAYS Livestock Yards

Billings, Mt

March 14-16, 2019

Cost is $500

Anatomy and Physiology of Reproduction | Frozen Semen Handling | Heat Detection and Synchronization Programs 

Sire Evaluation | Nutrition | Principles of Genetics | Reproduction & Fertility | Fresh Cows to Inseminate Each Day

To attend, please download this form and send to Lacey Sutherlin.

2019 AI School Application – Billings

For more information contact:

ABS Global                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ABS Global

Lacey Sutherlin                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Merlyn Sandbulte

3858 Illinois Bench Rd                                                                                                                                                                             merlyn.sandbutle@genusplc.com

Stevensville, MT 59870                                                                                                                                                                                                                     712.476.5555



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Have you seen what’s happening at ORIgen?

Have you seen what’s happening at ORIgen?

ORIgen might look a little different than when you saw it last. This past summer and fall, the ORIgen facilities have been getting some beneficial updates. If you where here last winter, you may have noticed all that snow we got! Of course, with all that snow came that much more moisture. Things got a little muddy and that pointed out where we could improve our facilities to ensure that we continue to have the best environment for the bulls and provide the best customer experience possible while you are here visiting us.

When you first drive to ORIgen, you will notice the new asphalt parking lot and improved roads around the office and the barns. This past summer, we added a nice asphalt parking lot for our staff and customers. We have also added a lot more gravel to the roads so that it makes for a nice ride when you come to look at the bulls.












Updates to the bull pens have begun. We widened each pen so the bulls have more room to move around at Yellowstone, one of our resident barns. A concrete apron and bunk also make it possible to present the bulls at their best,  the bulls are now easy to see during a tour and the reach through bunks allows bulls to mimic a grazing behavior rather than eating hay from a feeder hanging on the fence.
























ORIgen is committed to serving our customers with the best bull housing facilities in the business. We are striving for a safe environment for the bulls that is conducive to successful collection efforts that leads to the opportunity for a profitable experience for bull owners. ORIgen owners and staff encourage you to come visit the new facility and tour the exciting bull line up available through the marketing program.

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EPD Updates Angus Sires 10-26-18

Click on the link below to view ORIgen bulls most current EPDs. This spreadsheet also includes the genomic percentiles. Bulls that rank in the top 15% for a trait are highlighted in green color and those in the top 1% are highlighted in gold color. Semen from the ORIgen trait leaders can be ordered online. Place your order today!

10-26-18 ORIgen AN sires

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ORIgen welcomes new Sales and Distribution Specialist

October 23, 2018, HUNTLEY, MT – ORIgen is excited to announce the hire of Tanner Rasmussen as the new Sales and Distribution Specialist. Rasmussen will be helping customers over the phone and via email when they are placing semen orders. He will also help with giving tours when prospective customers come to visit ORIgen.

“I am excited to join the team at ORIgen and look forward to meeting the customers and discussing their needs and goals for their cattle operation,” Rasmussen says.

Rasmussen was born and spent most of his younger years on the family ranch near Sidney, MT. When Rasmussen was in high school the family operation relocated to a place near Fairfield, MT. Upon graduating high school, Rasmussen worked in industries outside of the agriculture industry and eventually he decided he wanted to return to the agricultural industry to work with like-minded people. Rasmussen has held positions in farm equipment sales and banking industries.

“Tanner brings customer service experience to ORIgen. The role Tanner formerly filled in marketing and service at a bank along with cattle and ranch experience has prepared him to join the ORIgen team. Those past experiences and natural talent to communicate well with others will be valuable to ORIgen and customers as we provide the best customer experience possible in our industry”, says Myron Edelman, ORIgen CEO.

Rasmussen began working at ORIgen on September 4, 2018. He can be reached by calling the office at 406. 348.2345 or via email tanner@origen-beef.com.

ORIgen is a beef bull stud dedicated to serving the beef industry with its breeder to breeder concept of providing genetics. ORIgen is an industry leader for supplying genetics on some of the most prominent A.I. sires in the beef business.

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Bulls in stud week of 8-20-2018

Be sure to stop by ORIgen to see what is currently in stud. We have some great sires being housed and collected at ORIgen with many different breeds being represented. Click on the link below to view the list of sires currently housed at ORIgen in Huntley, MT. Also we are excited to announce we have a tour website. When you stop in at Origen be sure to visit www.origenbulltour.com to view each bull along with their pedigrees and other information.

ORIgen is an easy 20 minute drive from the Billings, Montana airport. If you are in the area we encourage you to stop in and see the bulls 8-5 Monday-Friday, or to schedule a personalized tour by appointment after hours or on the weekends call the office at 406-348-2345.

Bulls in stud week of 8-20-2018

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