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Sons of ORIgen sires top recent sales

With the 2017 Bull Sale Season in full swing  we are seeing many sons of ORIgen sires topping sales across the country. Click the bulls name for more information on each individual sire.

RB Tour of Duty 177 Son- $8,000 top selling bull ant the Clemson Bull Test Sale in SC.

Poss Lasting Impact 3118 Son- $20,000 top selling bull at the Poss Angus Sale in NE to ABS Global and Sitz Angus Ranch.

RB Active Duty 010 Son-$15,000 top selling bull at Idland Cattle Company production sale in MT

EXAR Upshot 0562B Son-$11,000 top selling bull at the Klamath Bull Sale in OR.

Musgrave Big Sky Son-$10,000 top selling bull in the Jallo Angus Ranch Sale in ND.


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An Epic Event at Express on March 3, 2017

3F Epic 4631

There will be 26 of the very first sons of the new Express and Sitz herd sire 3F Epic 4631 in the annual 3f-epic-4631-fa16kr_wlogospring bull sale at Express on Friday, March 3, 2017.  Those 26 bulls had an average adjusted 365 day weight of 1,483 pounds in a sale offering where 534 bulls recorded an average of 1,353 pounds.  At weaning, the Epic sons have an average adjusted 205 day weight of 811 pounds with the entire Angus bull offering recording an average of 747 pounds and when scanned the Epic sons had an adjusted 365 day %IMF estimate of 5.97% with the 534 Angus sale bulls recording an average of 5.48%.  Equally impressive is the average CED EPD of 10 and the average Birth Weight EPD of -.02 of this awesome sire group.

The sale will begin with the Epic son that was the Lot 1 lead bull of the 2017 National Western Grand Champion Carload of Bulls and the Lot 5 carload Epic son will be a favorite of anyone that studies the EPD data.  Lots 14 and 16 from the first prize early junior Pen of Three Bulls will be two of the most popular bulls among cattlemen that value both EPD excellence and power and phenotype.  The Epic son featured as Lot 144 records the highest adjusted 365 day weight ever offered by Express at 1,731 pounds and Lot 128 is the second high bull of the offering at 1,684 pounds with Lots 127 and 143 joining them above 1,600 pounds and among the top 15 adjusted 365 day weights of the 534 Angus bulls in the sale catalog.

As of this writing, 28 Epic calves in eight different contemporary groups from first calf heifers have all been born unassisted with 95 progeny in 11 contemporary groups recording an average birth ratio of 96 and those same 95 calves record an average weaning ratio of 102 with 33 progeny in three contemporary groups recording an average yearling ratio of 103 while 32 head have an average %IMF ratio of 103.

Two daughters of Epic sold half interest for $20,000 and $16.000 each as featured females in the historic 2017 Bases Loaded Sale at the National Western with Epic daughters selling as the most popular sire group of natural heifer calves in the 2016 Big Event at Express.

For more information on this up and coming sire, click HERE!

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Welcoming Chelsee Camblin

If you have called ORIgen in the recent weeks you may have noticed a new voice. We welcomed Chelsee Camblin to ourfb_img_1481733282924 team the beginning of December. Chelsee is a fourth generation cattle rancher from Maybell, Colorado, where her family has a commercial cow calf operation. She was actively involved in 4-H and FFA growing up.  After high school Chelsee attended Casper College and studied Graphic Design. When she is not working you will find her taking  livestock photos and attending cattle shows.  Chelsee currently resides in Park City, Montana.

At ORIgen you find Chelsee helping in many different areas such as  answering phone, transferring certificates, taking orders and helping out where ever she is needed. We are excited to have her join the ORIgen Team!

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Introducing the YELLOWSTONE Barn

We are excited to announce the completion of Yellowstone, our newest resident barn at ORIgen. This new addition can house up to 30 bulls, putting our total capacity at 190 stalls. ORIgen is committed to infrastructure improvements, and we are excited to have more space to continue to offer the best in bio-security, comfort, and safety for our customers’ bulls. Be sure to stop in and tour our newest barn.

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Please Call First

It has been an incredible busy spring already here at ORIgen. We are at maximum capacity for housing bulls. We ask that you please call the office to get on our waiting list and make arrangements with either Jared or Dana as to when you are needing to get your bulls collected. Bulls are coming and going at all times, so once your name is on our list we can better insure getting your bulls in for collection in a timely manner.

10 West Arrow Creek Rd.
Huntley, MT 59037
1-866-867-4436 or 1-406-348-2345

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Congratulations to Express Ranches

Congratulations to our ORIgen partners at Express Ranches on a great first day of showing at the 2014 National Junior Angus Show for EXAR and ORIgen sire genetics!

Grand Champion Bred and Owned Heifer was a daughter of the ORIgen and EXAR sire DAMERON FIRST IMPRESSION – in another first for Sydney Schnoor and Express, the champion was the late summer yearling that was at the side of her dam when she won the majority of the shows that earned her the 2013 Roll of Victory Show Heifer of the Year honor – another record for the young woman that had both the Grand Champion Owned and Grand Champion Bred and Owned Heifers in 2013!

Reserve Grand Champion Bred and Owned Heifer was a daughter of the ORIgen sire EXAR CLASSEN.


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WR Journey 1X74

WR Journey 1X74 is a new addition to ORIgen’s marketing program.  No other bull in the Angus data base can match this bull’s specs for low birth, accelerated performance, docility plus end product excellence on ultrasound and genomic evaluation.  Check out his ORIgen web page at http://origenbeef.org/semen_detail.php?bull=454.  Pictured is his sire, B/R Future Direction 4268.



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Pedigree Correction for BA Lady 6807 305

The American Angus Association informed the owners of BA Lady 6807 305, the dam of ORIgen featured sires RB Active Duty 010 and RB Tour of Duty 177, that a correction would be made to her pedigree.  Her parentage was initially verified by the American Angus Association using the microsatellite test, the technology that was available at the time.  BA Lady 6807 305 recently had her parentage verified again using the SNP test (the technology currently used by the Association for parentage) and it determined that she is not a direct daughter of DHD Traveler 6807 instead she is sired by Vermilion Dateline 7078 (VRD).  The pedigree correction was made by the American Angus Association on 5/21/14 with EPD analysis and changes on 5/23/14.

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Tour of Duty 177

Semen is available on Tour of Duty 177…..visit his webpage at http://origenbeef.org/semen_detail.php?bull=270 to place an order or call the office at 406-348-2345.  If you’re in the neighborhood stop and take a look at him as he’s currently in stud!


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ORIgen is excited to announce the addition of HF THUNDERBIRD 146Y to our marketing program! View his webpage at http://origenbeef.org/semen_detail.php?bull=449 Thunderbird is the reigning show bull of the year in Canada and comes from a prestigous cow, HF ECHO 187N, who is considered to be one of the top females in Canada ever! Semen is available on Thunderbird at $25/unit.


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