237 Stud News

237 Stud News

June 1, 2018 release of the Fall 2018 updated American Angus Association NCE database

The June 1, 2018 release of the Fall 2018 updated American Angus Association NCE database was another great day for ORIgen Angus sires!

Among 12,189 active Angus sires with a breed average or better Birth Weight EPD, the ORIgen sires 2S Top Ten, SydGen Enhance and MW DNAmite rank as THREE of the top FIVE of that active Angus sire sort for $Beef value index!

ORIgen sires EXAR Monumental 6056B, SydGen FATE 2800, ECO Lombardi 1512, EXAR Hi-Tech 4769B, 3F Epic 4631, Welytok Mr All American 5C31, Welytok Campaign 5C23, SF Speedway A187 and Schiefelbein Snapchat 1094 complete the 12 ORIgen sires among the top 100 sires that combine moderate birth weight genetics with excellence in the bio-economic growth and end product index. That is 12% of an elite sort that ALL have semen available online at ORIgenbeef.org.

Among a second elite sort of 45 active sires that rank top 1% of the population for BOTH $Weaned calf value index and $Beef value index, the ORIgen sire ECO Lombardi records the Number 2 $W index and CCA New Design A42 records the Number 2 $B index.

They are joined in that elite sort by the ORIgen sires Welytok Mr All American 5C31, MW DNAmite, BV South Point 6007 and EXAR Epic 6072B to give ORIgen more than 13% of the bulls that excel at the points where beef cattle are measured and sold by the pound.

See all the ORIgen sires’ Fall 2018 updated EPD data and order semen online at ORIgenbeef.org

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