237 Stud News

237 Stud News

ORIgen Winners After Genomic Recalibration With One-Step

SydGen Fate 2800 (reg. 17521423)

Exceptional genetic strength and balance makes Fate the solid choice for a multitude of important production traits with calving ease, performance, feed efficiency, scrotal, docility, maternal, genomics and carcass merit backed by harvest data and top 1% $Beef index. This bull has covered hundreds of cows naturally and offers an outcross pedigree with a “no holes” profile that can make a lasting contribution to your herd for virtually every measurable trait. He’s well beyond the 85% accuracy threshold that most bulls on new sire sorts can’t deliver. He was the $113,00 top selling bull ever from the SydGen program and he is making his mark in cowboy country where only the strong ones make it to the top in the real-world beef business.


3F Epic 4631 (reg. 17950219)

Epic is the elite spread bull in the breed delivering double digit CED, sub-zero BW and top 1% WW + YW growth, never seen before in the industry. He will leave an attractive, smooth front end, incredible length, depth and capacity covering any market demand. His data is eye-popping and his incredible phenotype will take your breath away. He combines calving ease with the EPIC performance as well as any bull you will find anywhere with top 1% values for $W + $F plus top 3% $B. Epic’s front end new genomic scores with CED 8, BW 14, WW 1 + YW 1 prove he is genetically built from the ground up and won’t disappoint you when additional data is added in the Angus breed. His progeny have already been in high demand with a new pedigree that fits virtually everywhere.

EXAR Monumental 6056 B (reg. 18379347)

With 17 traits or indexes in the top 15% of the breed, Monumental builds on the Epic legacy with even greater end product strength. No other bull in the breed can match his spread credentials with CED 11, BW -1.3, WW 75, YW +136 and top 1% values for $W, $F and $B. He does all this with CW +70 (1%), Mb. + 1.18 (3%) and RE +0.75 (15%). Let him be your Angus “handy man” and fix those genetic holes that need attention right now. Monumental was the $80,000 top selling bull in the 2017 Express Ranches Spring Sale and a key member of the Grand Champion Denver Carload of Bulls. He’s new genomic scores are even a bigger winner with: CED 11, BW 3, WW 13, YW 10, CW 7 and Mb. 5. Move forward into a new era where you can breed your next genetic winner!

Algoma Golden Hooter 527B

The bull that was the biggest winner at ORIgen after the one-step genetic recalibration goes to a sire with a very unconventional name – Algoma Golden Hooter 527B. This calving ease Sitz Wisdom 581T son has always drawn rave reviews at ORIgen for his tremendous phenotype, sweet front, tight sheath, explosive muscle mass and great feet. His genetic arithmetic always held him back until now. He jumped from a +42 WW EPD all the way to +56 where he can now be a big time “genetic player”. His Pathfinder 14-year old CA Future Direction X California Traveler dam was likely caught up in the genetic drift due to her age that contributed to the most improved bull honors to Golden Hooter. He held his sub-zero BW EPDs and now takes no back seat to any bull in the stud especially when type and kind are very important selection criteria.


SF Speedway A187 (reg. 17470682)

When you sort the American Angus Assn. database following the one-step inauguration with Speedway’s specs, he’s the only bull that comes up. He’s always been a length of body outlier at ORIgen with an outcross pedigree and has a top 1% $W + $B combination. Speedway is now a proven, reliable low PAP sire for high elevation useage and with 15 herds submitting data records BWR 100, WWR 103, YWR 103. 42 progeny scanned posts IMF 107, RE 102, Rib Fat 95 and Rump Fat 100. Study his new photo…this bull fits on paper + phenotypically even better. This Utah test station graduate is one of the new rising stars at ORIgen with strength and balance covering all the bases. His dam and maternal sister are modest mature sized cows with capacity, femininity, balanced carcass and superior mobility/feet structure.


SydGen Enhance (reg. 18170041)

Enhance is the king of $Beef at ORIgen with over a +200 index indicating his terminal strength. He reaches “rock star” status when you combine his total package: CED +11, -0.7 to 130 BW to YW spread, +1.66 scrotal and great carcass resume with CW +73, Mb. +1.22 and RE +0.72. No other bull in the breed offers those total package specs. He offers superior, fresh, “alternative” genetics to virtually any mainstream Angus pedigrees. Enhance stacks two generations of double digit CED, sub-zero BW EPDs with over +1.00 marbling strength. He was the $30,000 co-top selling bull in the 2015 SydGen Production Sale in Missouri and his new genomic top 1% scores for both docility and Carcass Weight are comforting to real world cowboys from birth to the kill sheet all the way to the platter.

ECO Lombardi 1512 (reg. 18267894)

This is the elite ORIgen data and genomic superstar that offers excellence all across the board for a multitude of traits. Lombardi has 12 EPDs / indexes in the top 5% of the breed and he’s backed by tremendous cow power. Expect this young sire to add frame size and explosive growth to his progeny. His new genomic profile is stellar with CED 7, BW 7, WW 1, YW 1, Sc 5, Doc 8, CW 11, Mb. 9. This cutting edge data along with CED +9, BW +0.6, WW +85 and YW +153 can fix those females that need a genetic corrector after the launching of the one-step new information. Lombardi’s carcass profile includes top 2% CW and over +1.00 Mb. EPD (top 5%). His top 1% values for $W, $F and $B add to his extreme genetic value.

 Angus Hill Steadfast 854B (reg. 18060260)

Another genomic standout at ORIgen that has cowboy data that’s unveiled in the Angus breed. No other bull can match his numbers that “rock the house” for calving ease, solid growth, scrotal, top 1% docility, marbling, muscle and dollar indexes. Steadfast can hold his own even without any data or information producing highly reliable progeny at farms and ranches all across the country. His robust ribcage, structure, capacity, guts and correct hip and hind leg will be an “easy sell” to customers that want to see the bull first. This is what makes the Angus breed so unique and exciting because Steadfast brings the things that built foundation all together with calving ease, marbling and maternal. Post one-step new genomic scores include: CED 2, BW 5, WW 19, YW 7, Sc2, Doc 1, Mb. 1, RE 13, Tend. 10. This is science and it works!

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